Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Justin and Alison Biery to Mike and Teresa Hixson, home and 1.3 acres on Woodsend Drive; $334,000.

Center Township

Gary Eichler Jr. to James Converse, house trailer and 1 acre on Hilltop Drive; $17,500.


Cecil Conkle to Samuel Henderson, vacant land on Ray Avenue; $10,000.

East Liverpool

Maurice Brown, et al, to Timothy and Connie Spiroff, home on Orchard Grove Avenue; $57,654.

McKinney Enterprises of Ohio to Boardwalk Realty Group Investments, warehouse on Bradshaw Avenue; $50,000.

East Palestine

Rebecca Bentfeld, et al, to Rebecca Bentfeld, partial interest in home on West Main Street; $28,000.

Ronald and Jennifer Kelvington to Eric and Hawana Dennison, 0.5 acres on Malibu Drive; $9,000.

Elkrun Township

Mark and Denise Virden to Green Land LLC, home and 45 acres on Lusk Lock Road; $270,000.

Mike Hecker to Todd Howlett, home on state 45; $128,000.

Fairfield Township

Brian and Jena Gustafson to Timothy and Jennie Passmore, home on Columbiana-Waterford Road; $170,000.

Franklin Township

Galen and Daniel Cross to to Wendall and Rosalyn Yoder, home and 5.5 acres on Fink Road; $75,500.

Hanover Township

Zackery Mick to Steve and Heather Mercer, residential structure and 9.1 acres on Richey School Road; $50,000.

Knox Township

Dennis and Delmar Smith to Andrew and Ashley Riggs, home on South 12th Street; $92,050.


Dennis Holisky to High Park Group, home on High Street; $268,000.

Liverpool Township

Beverly Buss to Court and Michael Dubray Jr., home on Carolina Avenue; $67,500.

Middelton Township

Aaron and Sherree Black to Nicole and James Miller II, 16.3 acres on Dyke Road; $65,000.

Harold Brubaker and Tim Carroll to Equity Trust Co., property on Riffle Road; $218,690.

Terry Bailey to Russell and Linda Murphy, 1.9 acres on Pioneer Road; $12,500.

Perry Township

Gary Alkire, et al, to Cathleen Melitshka, condominium on state Route 45; $146,000.


County Sheriff (Randall McGath, et al) to Bank of America, home on West Seventh Street; $28,000.

Joseph Mong to Salem Real Properties, mineral deed to seven parcels of property on Benton Road; $44,340.

St. Clair Township

Mark and Rebecca Frederick to Jody Hitt and Justin Thaler, home on Valley Drive; $140,000.

Esther Calhoun to Brandon and Diane Fetty, home on Old Fredericktown Road; $79,000.

Unity Township

Adam Tittle to Mike Zelenak, commercial garage (Auto Truck Salvage) on state Route 14; $100,000.

Washington Township

Michael and Brunilda Schrock to Zaverl Family, 17.7 acres on McGavern Road; $35,000.


Gwendoly Webb, et al, to Eddie and Glenda Mike, home on Broadway; $22,000.

West Township

Beulah Curry to Big Arb’s Enterprises, home on Ellsworth Avenue; $82,500.