Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Marjorie Phillips to Joseph Dalesandro, 4.4 acres on U.S. Route 62; $32,089.

East Palestine

Scott and Emily Cannon to Heather Monteleone, home on East Martin Street; $92,500.

Franklin Township

Wanda Emerick, et al, to Barry and Wendy Emerick, 27 acres on Emerick Road; $78,000.


Amy Ward to U.S. Bank National Association, home on Bears Den Road; $42,000.

Mandy Foster to Joshua Danko and Ariel Smith, home on Bears Den Road; $81,000.


Megan Jacobs to Jeanette Roiland and Malinda Lehman, home on East Washington Street; $64,000.

Robert and Janet Trapp to Wayne Davill, home on West Lincoln Way; $205,000.

Middleton Township

Jennifer White to Jessie and Barbara McDade, property on Union Ridge Road; $10,400.

Jennifer White and Linda Swanson to Jessie and Barbara McDade, house trailer and 0.9 acres on Union Ridge Road; $18,000.

Perry Township

Patricia Graber to Diana Myers, home on Somerset Drive; $56,000.


Juanita Floor to Charles and Jacqueline Moore, home on Merle Road; $69,000.

John and Laura Ramsey to Chemical Bank, home on Pearce Circle; $160,000.

12 Point Investments LLC to Marcia Stone, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $78,500.


PNC Bank to Brenda Higginbotham, home (foreclosure) on High Street; $1,550.

St. Clair Township

Deutsche Bank to David and Karen Adkins, home at 46415 Wyoming Ave.; $65,612.

West Township

Paul French to Steve Daily, home on Lowmiller Road; $75,000.

Betty Whiteleather, et al, to Whiteleather Grain, 2.5 acres on Essick Road; $8,000.