Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

James Rhodes III to Matt and Barbie Cain, manufactured home and 3.4 acres on Woodsdale Road; $125,000.


Kade Neiheisel to Lauren Duffy, home on Duquense Street; $103,500.

East Liverpool

Parulkar Family Limited Partnership to River Valley Physicians, offices on Jackson Street; $118,750.

Carley Hudson to Rickey Wright and Joyce Snider, properties on Grace Alley and Daisey Alley; $20,000.

East Palestine

Julie Lake to Matthew and Beth Paul, home on Market Street; $116,000.

Elkrun Township

Michael Cope to Jennifer Cope, manufactured home and 4.1 acres on state Route 45; $23,000.

East Palestine

Peter and Heather Monteleone to Ashley and Matthew Werner, home on West North Avenue; $229,000.


Deborah Herold to Advanced Auto Network, home on Canal Street (U.S. Route 30); $20,000.

Knox Township

Edward Kibler Revocable Trust to Yoder Brothers Land LLC, home and 64 acres on Center Road; $300,000.


Kyle and Megan Lowry to David and Shane Dunn, home on North Market Street; $145,000.

Perry Township

Lemoin and Juli Hochadel to Spencer and Tiffany Hulett, home on state Route 344; $158,000.

Madison Township

Jason and Alyssa Entrikin to Raymond Kellogg and Layna Scafide, home on Osbourne Road; $118,000.

Middleton Township

Connie Parish to JAJL Properties, structures and property on state Route 170; $18,000.

County Sheriff (David Chaffin) to Keith McFerron, home and 1.9 acres on Carmel Achor Road; $32,000.


Sherry Shultz to Janika and Christopher Gay, home on Columbia Street; $10,000.

Thomas Raley to Custom Comfort System, home on East Third Street; $41,000.

Glenn Reichle, et al, to Rosemarie Martinez, partial interest in home on Walnut Street; $28,467.

Thorne Management Inc. to Tri-State Management Group, plaza on Franklin Avenue; $250,000.

Jonathan and Sarah Dickenson to Ernest and Sara Nicholson, home on Brooklyn Avenue; $112,500.

Margaret Vontuchlinski to Joseph and Linda Reeves, home on Barclay Avenue; $83,000.

St. Clair Township

Martin and Constance Yeany to Hurley Stalnaker, et al, commercial property (454 Auto Sales) on East Liverpool Road; $35,000.

Unity Township

Matthew and Ashley Werner to Kali Carlisle, home on Metz Road; $185,000.

Washington Township

Sharon Smith to Nathen Allen, home and 5 acres on McGavern Road; $11,462.

Wayne Township

Estate of Eileen Witherow to John Cinelli Jr., home on Steubenville Pike; $35,000.


Ryan Burgess to Cody and Emily Willis, home on Sixth Street; $16,000.

James and Teanna Winkler to Williamson Group Inc., home on on Washington Avenue; $4,200.

West Township

Jason and Alicia Miller to Richard and Virginia Miller, trustees, home on U.S. Route 30; $107,900.

David and Judy Miller to Matt and Sarah Miller, warehouse and 6.8 acres on Rochester Road; $20,352.

James Wilson to Rohaley Rentals, home and 6.9 acres on Ridge Road; $135,000.