Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Dale and Kathleen Stryffler to Levi and Sarah Stryffler, home and 3 acres on Buck Road; $90,000.

Center Township

Richard Flauto Wildlife Foundation to Tiffany Poulton, home and 19.7 acres on state Route 164; $198,400.

Jason and Melanie Householder to Aaron Dubray, home on Leetonia Road; $86,000.


Zachary and Emily Dorn to Leigh Brown, home on East Woodland Avenue; $114,000.

Marna Cross to Brian and Tammy Persing, home on East Friend Street; $76,000.

East Liverpool

Joseph Gorrell to Eric Gorrell, home on South Shady Lane; $72,125.

Erich and Peggy Stephenson to Dennis Calafactor, home on Jennings Avenue; $65,000.

Marynn Mileski, et al, to Maryann Mileski, partial interest in home on Hill Boulevard; $60,800.

Maryann Mileski to Laurie Swift, home on Hill Boulevard; $148,000.

Joseph Gorrell to Eric Gorrell, home on South Shady Lane; $72,125.

David and Larena Reed to Joyce Duke, home on Manor Lane; $98,000.

American Built Custom Pallets to David and Larena Reed, home at 3166 Hampton Court; $178,000.

Eugene Arnold to Raymond and Dianna Stidfole, property on Laurel Lane; $2,500.

Larry and Betty Davis to Prestige Properties of East Liverpool, home on Globe Street; $11,000.

Ryan and Jennifer Molish to Chase Klein, home on St. Clair Avenue; $63,500.

East Palestine

Edwin Bell to Joshua and Rebecca Baumann, home on West Martin Street; $88,000.

Stephen Javens to DAH Realty2, home on Garfield Avenue; $35,000.

Barbara McCarty to DAH Realty2, home on West Clark Street; $32,000.

Gina Angelo to Stephanie and Mary Coie, home on Martin Street; $112,000.

Mervin and Joann Fisher to DAH Realty2, home on West Clark Street; $31,000.

Elkrun Township

EK Wilson Properties to Green Land LLC, home and 50 acres at 44102 Pine Hollow Road; $190,000.

EK Wilson Properties to Green Land LLC, home and 70 acres at 41635 Churchill Road; $335,000.

Susan Stephens to Clifford Dawson, 43.8 acres on Middle Beaver Road; $90,000.

Fairfield Township

Charles and Phyllis Sayre to James Vincent, home on Crestview Road; $114,800.

Charles Beiling, trustee, to Nicholas Puckett, 4.6 acres on Red Tail Drive; $40,000.

Mary Stockdale to Philip Crouse, et al, 21 acres on Lower Elkton Road; gift.

County Sheriff (Florence Bobby) to Planet Home Lending, home on Applesway; $71,443.

Knox Township

Steve and Annette Fuson to Ryan Haupt, home and 1.7 acres on Center Road; $187,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Absolute Protection Divisions, home and 1.4 acres on Homeworth Road; $59,500.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Tom and Margaret Stoffer, home on Lake Street; $43,250.


JBEK Investments to Alyssa Schauer, home at 262 Walnut St.; $96,000.

Jeanette Altomare to John Davis, home on Somer Street; $42,000.

Mike Whittenberger and Raema Guri to Christopher and Racheal Hout, home on Stoy Street; $118,000.


County Sheriff (Stevie and Amy Stephens) to Huntington National Bank, home on McKinley Avenue; $16,000.

Glenn Cusick to Brian and Carol Dickson, home on North Market Street; $145,000.

Liverpool Township

Adam and Laura Bryer to William Craig III and Andrea Thrasher, home on Kingsridge Court; $164,000.

Roy Rowand to Donald Petrie, home Kountz Avenue; gift.

Middleton Township

David Smallwood to Bradley Lansberry, property on Allegheny Trail; $2,200.

Wayne and Sandra Schiiffauer to Kristi and James Campbell Jr., home on Yuma Trail; $315,000.

Sara Burson to Paula Staggers and Howard Babik, manufactured home and 2.5 acres on Adams Road; $10,000.

Eric and Nicolette Sobek to William Fultz III, property on Chippewa Trail and Huron Trail; $1,500.

Perry Township

Ronald and Stephen Waugh to Cynthia and Steve James, home and 2.7 acres on Cider Mill Road; $71,000.

Bank of New York to Geraldine Altomare, home and 1.4 acres at 635 Pine Lake Road; $33,000.


John Doss Enterprises to Andi’s Convenience Store, lot on Walnut Street; $1,000.

Perry Township

Paul and Jennifer Hood to James Focht, condominium on South Lincoln Avenue; $158,500.


Mike and Teresa Hixson to AHSHU LLC, store (Suburban Market) on New Garden Avenue; $50,000.

Joseph Huzyak to Cheryl Smith, home on Jennings Avenue; $92,000.

James Johns to Greenhart Companies, condominium on Orchard Bend Drive; $23,000.

Salem Township

Lynne and Daniel Guappone to Norma Theil, 0.1 acre on Leetonia Road; $1,000.

St. Clair Township

County Sheriff (Robert Edwards) to Jeff and Julie Kreefer, home on Park Way; $120,000.

Nancy Workman, trustee, to John and Melinda Smith, home and 3 acres on state Route 7: $225,000.

Mary Staley to Christopher Pew, home and 2.9 acres on Annesley Road; $105,000.

Jacqueline Fryman to Greg Buchheit and Abigayle Rice, home on Summit Drive; $115,000.

Jeff Hendrickson and Sara Vodrey to Kyle Firm and Samantha Susich, home and 8 acres on Old Fredericktown Road; $290,000.


Kaven and Barry Sims to Benny Sims, home on 14th Street; $34,600.