Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Daniel Bartlett to MMC Investment, home on Slater Road; $53,900.

Center Township

Cindy Vaness to Sandra and Wade Loy III, home on state Route 164; $132,900.


Richard and Kathryn Urmson to Rebecca Walden, home on North Elm Street; $180,000.

Carl Buhn Jr. to Bradley Rance, commercial property on 15 S. Main St.; $65,000.

Edward and Irmgard Altomare to Mike and Sylvia Jara, home on Manor Circle; $120,000.

Adrienne Parish and David Barnhart to Adrienne Parish, partial interest in home on South Main Street; $31,600.

Tim Meek to Richard and Kathryn Urmson, home on Firestone Avenue; $60,000.

James Rassman to Joseph and Karen Gerberry, home on South Elm Street; $79,500.

East Liverpool

Mike and Carol Beck to James Johnson, duplex on Thompson Avenue; $60,000.

Bonnie Gaines to Rebecca Post, home on Lisbon Street; $38,500.

Criggs Investment Properties to Mark Cooper, home at 832 Oak St.; $10,000.

East Palestine

John and Laurie Mraulak to Sally Beight, home on Leake Street; $22,000.

Kevin Patrone to Andrew Reed, home on East Main Street; $58,000.

Lois Guy estate to Ashley Mohr, home on West Main Street; $57,000.

Fairfield Township

Wesley and Dalene White to Petra Szymkowicz, home on Camelot Drive; $160,500.

Joyce Gladis, et al, to Oliver Real Estate, manufactured home on Lower Elkton Road; $38,500.

Franklin Township

Jared Coldwell to Alan and Catherine Demuth, home on Yellow Creek Church Road; $123,500.

Joseph and Roberta Kosunick to James and Rebecca Junkins, home on Willard Road; $119,500,


Harris Eichler and Renee Coleman to Matt Vickroy, home on Howard Street; $75,000.

Hanover Township

Richard and Elizabeth Applegarth to Mike and Deborah Rager, house trailer on Gurlea Street; $155,000.

Tradewinds Investment Group to CE-Lisbon LP, home and 5 acres at 32430 Teegarden Road; $82,400.

Knox Township

Harbour High Yield Fund to Sunshine Portfolio, home at 3160 S. Mahoning Ave.; $10,762.


Gwen and Robert Melbar to Robert Hendricks, trustee, home on Oak Street; $32,500.

John and Susan Sipahioglu to Ryan Jones, home on Columbia Street; $60,000.

Liverpool Township

Veterans Affairs to Brian and Emily Riggs, home and 23 acres on Annesley Road; $230,000.

Madison Township

Morrell and Diane Johnson to Amanda Joy, home on Buzzard Road; $46,000.

Thorne Ohio LLC to Lance and Elizabeth Weston, 6.1 acres on Alderlick Road; $28,000.

Middleton Township

County Sheriff (Ronald Shank) to Harold Feezle, et al, home on Tomahawk Drive; $141,000.


Charles Reichle to John Taylor, home on Walnut Street; $30,000.

Ronald Kirkbride to David and Sharon Weaver, duplex on North Ellsworth Avenue; $64,000.

Craig Eckman to JPMorgan Chase Bank (foreclosure), home on South Union Avenue; $35,000.

Robert James Jr., et al, to Tim James, home on Park Avenue; $30,000.

Phyllis Clark trust to Kenneth Blake III, home on Morgan Court; $150,000.

St. Clair Township

Shelba Malcomb to Mike and Vicki Bock, 6.8 acres on Cannons Mill Road; $28,072.

Shelba Malcomb to Mike and Terri Graleski, home on Cannons Mill Road; $193,372.

Donna Curnette to Julie Vincent, home on Grimms Bridge Road; $32,000.

John Buzzard to Andrew Householder, vacant property on McCoy Avenue; $6,800.

Shelba Malcomb to Dustin and Kristina Langley, 6.7 acres on Cannons Mill Road; $27,669.

Unity Township

Scott Lawski, trustee, to James Stanonik, home on state Route 170; $63,500.

James Stanonik to Marshall Schwartz, home on state Route 170; $120,000.

Washington Township

Dutch & Mary Farms to Dorman and Dana Patterson, 8 acres on state Route 39; $32,000.


Sharon Brush to MSFK Holdings, commercial property (Brush Insurance Agency) on Main Street; $2,000.

Mary Barton to Jennifer Frank, home on Center Street; $48,000.

Harbour Portfolio to Cholla Title Holding Trust, home at 534 Broadway; $19,032.

West Township

Shirley Earl to Robert Clark, home on U.S. Route 30; $56,500.

Yellow Creek Township

Scott and Mickey Gibbs to David Angellone, 1 acre on Wells Hollow Road; $1,500.

Kristopher Groves to Kristopher Groves and Kaylee Pew, partial interest in home on state Route 39; $57,350.