Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Diana Reiter, et al, to Deanna and Leslie Withrow, home and 2 acres on Tower Road; $94,000.

Center Township

Fritz Ruckenbrod to Jenny Rukenbrod, home on state Route 45; $130,000.

Jenny Ruckenbrod to Fritz Rukenbrod, property on state Route 45; $1,350.


Thomas and Jodi Burbick to Daryl and Madison Kurtz, home on Bell Avenue; $185,000.

Howard and Melissa Gebhardt to Stephen and Kathy Stewart, home on Timberline Drive; $191,500.

East Liverpool

Daryl Givens to Delores and Harold Quarterman, home on Ninth Street; $20,100.

Quick N Clean to Aaron and Joanna Stevens, car washes on Third Street, Columbia Street and Pennsylvania Avenue; $125,000.

County Sheriff (Morely and Brenda Nordine) to Bank of New York, home on Ceramic Street; $14,000.

Francis and Barbara McCoy to Chad McCoy, home on Maine Boulevard; $63,500.

Brian Zellers to Melissa Zellers, home on Florence Street; $16,300.

Gerald Goodballet to Shawn McKinnon and Rashuana Rutter, home on Minerva Street; $25,000.

Fairfield Township

James Whitacre to Charles and Debra Vollnogle, home on state Route 517; $39,253.

Franklin Township

Mariemont Properties to Bill and Maria Schlabach, home and 10 acres at 17505 Smith Road; $50,000.

Bill and Maria Schlabach to Mariemont Properties, mineral rights to 5 acres on Hull Road; $5,000.

Priscilla Foley to Carter VanDyke Jr., home on state Route 644; $93,000.

Hanover Township

Ben Morgan to Patrick and Deborah Wright, home and 7 acres on U.S. Route 30; $101,200.

Knox Township

Helen Myers and Christeena Shubert to Wells Fargo Bank, home on 12th Street (foreclosure sale); $50,000.

Edward and Sheri Brown to Jeff and Rachel Benton, home on Wallace Street; $185,000.

Geraldine Altomare to Mark Edwards, home on 12th Street; $115,000.

Thomas Griffiths to Richard and Petra Craig, home and 5 acres on Mountz Road; $140,000.


Four M Investments to Christie Felger, home on Columbia Street; $69,500.

Liverpool Township

Amy Mays, et al, to John Viscoglosi II, home on Myler Road; $45,000.

William Simms and Karen Hancock to Tom Shields, manufactured home on Croft Avenue; $12,100.

Middleton Township

Kyle Reeder to Ashlee Chan and Daniel Edwards Jr., home and 1 acre on Pancake-Clarkson Road; $58,500.

Koteswara and Leela Kaza to Leslie and John Penick III, home on Tomahawk Drive; $400,000.

Joann Beverly to Maryann Mileski, home on Shosone Trail; $125,900.

New Waterford

Samuel Adams, trustee, to Dustin and Emily Wilms, property and garage on State Street; $26,000.

Perry Township

Dorothy Geho to Von McCarter and Josephine Hardin, home on Prospect Street; $118,900.

Ronald Crosbie to U.S. Bank Trust, home and 4 acres on Georgetown Road; $108,000.


Bonnie Bryan to Jamie Carman and Patrick Seal, home on Ridgewood Drive; $97,575.

Stephen Gayon to Alan Falk, condominium on South Lincoln Avenue; $29,368.

Raymond and Linda Steffen to Sara Limpose and Burton Sutton III, home on Shaker Court; $270,000.

Carol and Charles Strub Jr. to Paul Reardon, home on North Lincoln Avenue; $195,000.

Kathleen Weikart and Mary Pieron to Jason Paster, home on Ridgewood Drive; $83,000.

Union Properties to Catherine Davidson, home at 1022 Homewood Ave.; $123,500.

Jennifer Lozier to Ray and Linda Steffen, condominium on Orchard Bend Drive; $185,000.

Salem Township

Scott Mikesell Jr., trustee, to Scott Judy, home and 24 acres on Depot Road; $97,000.


County Sheriff (William Mercer) to PNC Bank, home on High Street; $14,000.

St. Clair Township

James and Mabel Reed Trust to Mark and Cheryl Reed, home and 3 acres on McCoy Avenue; $49,000.

Charles and Kenna Ray to Kenna Ray, home on Andrews Avenue; gift.

Bank of New York to Russell and Andrea Smith, home on McCrae Road; $49,900.

Dallis and Julie Dawson to James and Daneen Hughes, apartment complex on McCoy Avenue; $623,000.

Unity Township

Becky Shearer Hale to Michelle and John Shearer II, home and 15 acres on Hunston Road; $46,500.

Linda Bucheit estate to Mike Zelenak, storage units on state Route 14; $150,000.

Mike Zelenak to Crist Yoder and Mary Anna, 53 acres on state Route 14; $217,500.

Washington Township

Craig and Mary Ann Homic to John Hartman, home and 8 acres on Clarks Mill Road; $290,000.


Castlerock 2017 to Craig Williams, home at 410 Broadway Ave.; $9,000.

Dale and Catherine Barnhart to Nancy Gill, home on Broadway Avenue; $5,500.

West Township

Colton and Rene Smith to Bruce Opdahl, home and 6.6 acres on Mountz Road; $120,500.

Ruth Bettis, trustee, to Lisa Grzybowski, three-plex on U.S. Route 30; $52,000.

Larry and Glenda Roberts to Scott and Emma Baldwin, home on U.S. Route 30; $132,000.

Yellow Creek Township

Daniel Wallace and Debora Distriahsen to Daniel Wallace, home on 10th Street Extension; $65,300.