Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Tradewinds Investment Group to Samuel and Kimberly Courtney, manufactured home and 10.7 acres on on Woodsdale Road; $57,500.

Joanne Menning, trustee, to Eric and Jada Landgraver, home on Tower Road; $181,500.

Center Township

Raenna Weaver to Charles and Kathryn Hatch, home on Miller Road; $55,000.

Shelby Glenn to Robert Glenn, home on Black Road; $35,000.


Richard and Sharon Dorothy to Tim and Jenny Pancake, home on Springfield Road; $262,000.

East Liverpool

Ryan Pritt to Raymond Wooten Jr., home on Fairview Street; $4,500.

Patricia Walker to Gregg Stowers, home on 910 May St.; $7,000.

James Walker Jr. to Craig and Carey Stowers, home at 914 May St.; $10,000.

Mitchell McCullough to Jason Dickey, home on Manor Lane; $115,0000.

Helen Pack to Joseph Piscitani, home on Erie Street; $8,000.

Franklin Township

Coldwell Family Tree Farm to Jedidiah and Emily Coldwell, 50 acres on Hull Road; $5,000.

Knox Township

OHTX Investments to Greg Hoover, home at 5500 Homeworth Road; $27,400.

Todd and Serene McDaniel to Brandon and Krysta McQueen, home and 2 acres on Buck Road; $286,000.

Jeff and Frances Schrader to Zachary Wagner, home on Hartley Road; $86,000.

Liverpool Township

David and Sharon Whims to Donna Biddle, home on Curry Street; $79,900.

Madison Township

Betty Springer to Christopher and Andrew Saling, 15 acres on McCormick Run Road; $22,000.

Robert Shirey Jr. to Charles Mick, home on Y & O Road; $32,000.

Middleton Township

Jennifer White to John and Karen Sprouse, land on Union Ridge Road; $4,400.


Bradley and Shawn Eltringham to Gary Eichler Jr., home on New Garden Avenue; $100,000.

Eric and Jada Landgraver to SB & PB, home on Kennedy Drive; $152,000.

JDH Salem Properties to Robert and Karen Hermes, homeat 825 Summit St.; $81,800.

FLA Properties to Larry and Tina Welton, home at 195-195-1/2 Sharp Ave.; $62,500.

Reinsel Realty to Norman and Rosemary Perry, home at 1230 Maple St.; $62,000.

Salem Township

Salem Motorcycle Club to Tyler and Susan Nicholson, home on Teegarden Road; $43,500.


Zaverl Family LLC to Sally Lykens, property on Salineville Road West; $100.

Zaverl Family LLC to Nancy Brown, property on Salineville Road West; $500.

St. Clair Township

Betty Springer to Christopher Saling, property on Melbourne Avenue and Cannons Mill Road; $12,000.


Marjorie Dysert to Deanna Dysert, home on Main Street; $51,100.

Hope Golden to JPMorgan Chase Bank (foreclosure), home on Clark Avenue; $30,000.

Joyce Gorrell to Franklin Daniels Jr., storage units on Danbury Avenue; $16,600.

Harold Congrove to Lana Congrove, home on Lisbon Street; $15,900.

Carol Keefer to MTGLQ Investors, home on Broadway (foreclosure); $100.

West Township

Earl Bryan to Rick Horton, home on Rochester Road; $19,200.