Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Joseph Mong to Pamela Kiko, trustee, 10 acres on McCann Road; $60,000.

Dixie Courtney to Bruce and Teresa Cooper, 5 acres on Winona Road; $21,000.

Tina Fritz to Thomas Fritz, 1.3 acres on U.S. Route 62; $4,500.

Center Township

Joseph Felkey to Jerry Tyson, property Pritchard Avenue Extension; $2,000.

John and Carrie Wilkes to Jacob and Jessica Kampfer, home and 14 acres on Thomas Road; $240,000.


Gerald or Joyce Laska to Christopher or Veronica Hamilton, condominium on Timberline Drive; $161,000.

Argonaut Properties to Camelot 2125 LLC, apartment building on Camelot Drive; $1.4 million.

East Liverpool

Dominic Danzo to William James Bowers, home on McKinnon Avenue; $25,000.

Kim Williams to Randall Davis, home on Holliday Street; $52,100.

Ray Shattenberg and Elaine Durbin, trustees, to John and Alycia Gates, home on Oakwood Avenue; $10,000.

Larry Cunningham Jr., et al, to Aaron Koos, home on Bradshaw Avenue; $38,000.

Nondis Miller to Thomas West, home on Lisbon Street; $42,400.

Robert and Linda Martin to SIH Property, car dealership at 1503 Pennsylvania Ave.; $617,000; taxes mailed to Hill International, Y&O Road, East Liverpool.

Louise Brown to Kerri and Charles Barnes Jr., two lots on Calhoun Street; $800.

Sieglinde Woodyard to Twila and David Dalrymple, home on Broad Street; $31,800.

Ryan Pugh to Megan Mayfield, home on Grandview Street; $70,000.

US Bank Trust to Theresa and Mike Wolfe Jr., home on Center Street; $9,000.

East Palestine

Tim Figley to Mike and Michael Long, home on West Martin Street; $96,400.

Elkrun Township

Keith Finch to Frank and Jennifer Morrell, home and 2.2 acres on Roller Coaster Road; $72,000.

Oxford Mining Co. to Fairmont Road South LLC, 49 acres on Fairmont Road; $87,784.

Fairfield Township

Timothy Johnson or Karen E. Johnson to Chad E. Corbin, home on Woodland Drive; $164,000.

Matt Savage to Vincent and Ruth Hoover, trustees, manufactured home and 2.6 acres on Crestview Road; $65,000.

Hanover Township

Heather E. Smith to Rebecca Meredith, mobile home on Sunrise Drive; $2,500.

Rebecca Zahrndt and Krista Frank to Roger and Heidi Blosser, home on Walton Drive; $110,000.

Gary Eichler Jr. to Ryan Snyder, commercial building and 2.4 acres on state Route 9; $179,500.

Tracy Jones, et al, to Dallas Strong, 43 acres on U.S. Route 30; $179,913.


U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Eric and Amy Dougherty, home at 444 W. Lincoln Way; $42,744.

James Smith to Jamie Smith, home on Prospect Street; $31,500.

Knox Township

Jeannette M. Emmons to Matthew P. Garlock II, home on Georgetown Road; $107,070.

Patricia A. Wilson to John or Sarah McGuire, home on Center; $163,900.

Randy Luca to TPA Paintball Inc., 3.8 acres on Homeworth Road; $21,000.


Edward and Henrietta Snyder to Jodi Taylor, home on Leetonia Road; $118,500.

Nicole Smith to Jeff Mason, condominium on Chestnut Street; $112,000.


Dale and Kimberly Carrick to James Buckley II, home on East Chestnut Street; $79,000.

Liverpool Township

Matthew and Jennifer Roberts to Joshua Coil, home on Springview Street; $126,000.

Middleton Township

Denny French to Steven Wilson or Mikala R. McCoy, home on Yuma Trail; $137,000.

Frieda Bennett and Richard Donatelli to Aaron and Sherree Black, home and 111 acres on Sprucevale Road;

U.S. Bank Trust to Jason and Carolyn Varley, home at 50801 Richardson St; $58,900.

Perry Township

Donald and Mary Logan to Mike and Helen McConville, home on Hampton Place; $249,000.


WBH Enterprises LLC to June Fitzpatrick, commercial vacant land and commercial buildings on West State Street; $195,000.

Alan Investments III LLC to Gary C. Sebrell, home on East Perry Street; $15,000.

Linda White to Jesse and Amy Ketchum, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $10,000.

Rick and Mary Bell to Edward Bell Jr., vacant lots on East Fourth Street; $4,600.

Patricia and David Edling to Thomas and Darlene Eddinger, home on Park Avenue; $110,000.

Jason Starcher to Brian Batzli, home on Jennings Avenue; $117,900.

Wells Fargo Bank to David and Julie Solmen, home at 535 Stewart Ave.; $43,200.

Salem Township

Randy W. Bowman to Michael or Gale Prasco, home on East Tenth Street; $163,900.

Joseph Henderson, trustee, to Seth McCue, home and 8.7 acres on state Route 45; $92,000.

St. Clair Township

Herbert and Mary Gailey to Robert and Teresa Rufener, home on Walker Road; $35,000.

George and Jodi Torkoly to William and Melissa Alexander, home on Irish Ridge Road; $164,900.

Casandra Stephens, et al, to Mary Ann Soy, home on Sprucevale Road; $128,000.

Unity Township

Daniel Garman to Anthony Richard Ciolli Jr. or Diana Marie Ciolli, 1 acre on Bacon Avenue; $10,000.

Washington Township

George Opria to David Schindlbeck, 14 acres on Roses Run Road; $55,000.


Robert or Michelle Miller to Roy Edward Duffield, home on Beech Street; $25,000.

Jane Valentine to Kristie Reed, property with garage on Maple Avenue; $2,450.

U.S. Bank National Association to Castlerock 2017 LLC, home at 410 Broadway Ave.; $900.

Tina McNicol to Patrick and Scott McNicol, partial interest in home on Riverside Avenue; gift.

West Township

Robert and Susan Davis to Travis and Terri Truex, home and 2 acres on Lippincott Road; $204,000.

Yellow Creek Township

Trustee of William R. Frischkorn to Noah C. Allison, home on Tenth Street Extension; $120,000.

Margaret Joy to Bruner Land Co., home and 75 acres on Sprouse Road; $145,800.