Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Thomas and Darlene Eddinger to Neil and Sheila Guzzetti, home on Burtview Drive; $120,000.

Vivian Fiets to Bryce and Gabrielle Stenger, home on Tower Road; $63,400.

Center Township

Jacob and Jessica Kampfer to James and Maloria Horn, house trailer and 8 acres on state Route 164; $139,000.


Gregory Henderson to Carissa Hickenbottom, home on Pittsburgh Street; $125,000.

Carolyn Beck to Steven and Karen Ullom, home on Springfield Road; $113,000.

Eric and Melanie Strohecker to Eric Bable, home on South Main Street; $115,000.

East Liverpool

I. Scott and Ellen Grosser to Jian and Wei Zhong, home on Park Boulevard; $200,000.

Rodney McHorney to Daniel Wise, property on Green Lane; $500.

Rodney McHorney to Daniel Wise, property on Claiborne Avenue; $1,000.

Navella Howard to Tina Hancock, home on Jackman Street; $18,400.

C. Joseph King and Deborah Fair to Kimberly Triner, home on Bank Street; $7,000.

County Sheriff (Deborah and Glenn Collins Jr.) to U.S. Bank Trust, home on McKinnon Avenue; $10,000.

Charlotte Fullerton to Julie and Charles Brereton III, home on South Surry Road; $63,000.

Patricia McAtee to Dani Hadley, home on St. George Street; $18,000.

Marilyn Boso to Kelly Emmerling Jr., home on Sophia Street; $10,000.

Danny and Janet Davis to Soni Potts, home on Globe Street; $32,000.

East Palestine

County Sheriff (Glenn and Ruth Welther) to U.S. Bank, home on South Walnut Street; $27,445.

Joseph Hostnik to Daniel Cresanto, home on North Market Street; $67,000.

Deutsche Bank Trust to DSG Rentals, home at 487 E. Martin St.; $25,000.

Elkrun Township

Bonnie Shaffer to Elkrun Industries, 5.5 acres on state Route 7; $10,000.

Hanover Township

Robert Hall, et al, to John and Vicki Shasteen, home on state Route 9; $110,000.

David and Jacquelyn Smith to Gary Eichler Jr., 58 acres on state Route 172; $159,900.

Knox Township

Constance and Richard Toulson to Dan and Robin Mayer, home at 4.5 acres on Homeworth Road; $80,000.

Lucy Ogden to Richard Malloy, et al, 5 acres on Mountz Road; $28,000.

County Sheriff (Michell Owens) to Huntington National Bank, home on Westville Lake Road; $85,000.


E.K. Wilson Properties to Timothy Frantz, home at 626 E. Lincoln Way; $45,000.

Madison Township

Mike Gaffney to Lisa Rawson, house trailer and 1 acre on Osbourne Road; $58,303.

Perry Township

Keith Gauding to Lakeview Loan Servicing (foreclosure), home on Benton Road; $30,000.

Stephen Yamoski trust to Ryan and Kaylin Burd, home on Conser Drive; $126,400.

Frank and Karen Mason to Andrea Dawson, condominium on Canterbury Lane; $62,000.


Jesse Brunk to EZ Rentals, property 306-312-320 W. Fourth St.; $181,500.

Lynn Centofanti, et al, to Joshua and Kelly Conley, home on Jefferson Avenue; $120,500.

Gale Prasco trust to Tidal Island Investments, home on Stone Castle Trail; $510,000.

Ying Chen to Noel and Sharla Hault, duplex on Sugartree Alley; $69,000.

Robert and Ruth Gatrell to Ruth Gatrell, John Reed and Larry Thomas, partial interest in duplex on Mullins Street; $12,500.

Robert and Ruth Gatrell to John and Larry Reed, partial interest in duplex on Mullins Street; $12,500.

John and Larry Reed to Joseph and Christine Penick, duplex on Mulllins Street; $25,000.

2384 Southeast Boulevard to SCF RC Funding IV, Precision Orthodonics building on Southeast Boulevard; $552,313.

Salem Township

Andrew and Robyn Billett to Dennis Holloway, trustee, home and 5.3 acres on Lisbon Road; $138,000.

Sandra Bell to Gary and Nila Long, home on state Route 558; $18,500.


Amos and Heather Willis to Sheryl Monigold, property at at 57 W. Main St.; $49,000.

Clearview Federal Credit Union to Terry Booth and Brian Carman, home at 326 Foundry Hill Road; $65,000.

St. Clair Township

County Sheriff (Brad McFadden) to DCS Homes, home on Meadowbrook Circle; $75,000.

Michelle and Donald Mackey III to Christopher and Ashley Schonhut, home on Martha Street; $68,500.

Kerry Humphrey to Cy Edison, home on Skyview Drive; $35,000.

County Sheriff (Kevin and Emily Congo) to US Bank, home on Belmont Avenue; $26,000.

Rex and Susan Johler to Gabriel Brady and Eric Springer, home on Lori Lane; $224,000.

Jane Mays to Darren Dailey, 1.4 acres and garage on Samuel Street; $23,500.

Gayle Steininiger to Kristen Reeder, home and 1.9 acres on Strader Road; $218,000.

Frances Pryor and Christopher Britt, home on Huston Road; $85,000.

Unity Township

WPW Inc. to Greenland LLC, 54 acres on Poland-Unity Road; $182,500.

Belle Vista Inc. to Kimberly and James Gilbert Jr., 1.6 acres on Kayann Lane; $30,000.

US Bank Trust to Matthew Green, home and 8.7 acres on state Route 165; $80,100.


Lance Grimes to Cody and Caitlyn Preisner, home on Washington Street; $77,000.


Rodney McHorney to Daniel Wise, property on Clark Avenue; $3,500.

Marian Carter to Danny Saracco, home on Wood Street; $23,000.

West Township

Julie Rine to Marcia Player, home on West School Street; $130,500.

Darin and Susan Johnson to Nichole Holderbaum, et al, home on Stump Road; $175,000.

Lawrence Park to Dean and Terri Badgley, home on Sandy Creek Road; $29,900.

Timothy Beery, et al, to Joseph and Ashley Davidson, home on Rochester Road; $115,000.

Yellow Creek Township

Robert and Jacob Lee to Jacob Lee, 137 acres on Rocky Run Road; $100,000.

James and William Morgan to Stephen and Allison Kadar, home on Parkview Drive; $82,500.