Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Robert and Georgiana Bailey to Joseph Mong, 10 acres on McCann Road; $40,000.

Center Township

Alana Bittner to Tyler Howe, home on state Route 517; $56,000.


Paul and Susan Bissell to Sara McCallister, home on North Main Street; $284,000.

Krystal Smith to Evan Wade, home on East Friend Street; $101,500.

James Trepac, et al, to Dale and Janice James, 0.4 acres and garage on Metz Road; $37,500.

Christine and John Oliver Jr. to Sheri and Randall Morocco, home on West Southern Avenue; $182,000.

Tim and Becky Schram to Edward and Deborah Shuttlesworth, condominium on Timberline Drive; $205,000.

East Liverpool

Darlene Orr to Ray and Melissa Boyd, home on Princeton Avenue; $14,000.

Elkrun Township

Sherman Ream to Robert and Alisa Auer, home and 4.4 acres on Bell Road; $23,500

County Sheriff (Greg Travis) to Farmers National Bank of Canfield, house trailer and 2 acres on Elkton Road; $42,000.

Knox Township

Neil Jordan to Benjamin Cooper, home on Oak Street; $17,000.

Judy and Terry Grove Jr. to Rachael and Tod Sanor, home on Georgetown Road; $230,000.

Tod Sanor to Marc Carle, home on Mountz Road; $124,900.

Gregory Novak to Bo Utley, home and 2.3 acres on Bandy Road; $110,500.


JP Morgan Chase Bank to Lucinda Leamer, home at 124 McKinley St.; $25,000.

Liverpool Township

Michael Shaw to Renee Green and Travis Stewart, 0.4 acre lot on Eastview Drive; $15,000.

New Waterford

Judith and Norman Beight to Bhakti Yadav, Vittle Village convenience store on State Street; $95,000.

Perry Township

Wells Fargo Bank to Michael Bolevich, home at 1334 W. State St.; $11,000.

County Sheriff (Theodore Park) to Bank of New York, home on Pine Lake Road; $57,396.

Judith Slanker to Joshua and Tara Himes, home on Allen Road; $175,000.


KDC Construction to Keith Parker and Jill Ranee, home at 1117 Orchard Bend Drive; $205,000.

Tiffany Higgins to C. Ray Famiglia LLC, home on East Perry Street; $8,000.

John Thomas to Gary Eichler, vacant property on Franklin Avenue; $7,900.

Joseph and Kathaleen Boyd to Daniel and Anne Gregory, home on Jennings Avenue; $215,000.

Robert Howell to John and Jeannie Fedorek, home on Park Avenue; $115,000.

St. Clair Township

Herbert and Donna McComas to Kathryn Nixon and Dylan Gloeckner, home on Smith Street; $124,700.

Ray Six and Angela Jasenec to Jon Beagle, home on Cannons Mill Road; $190,000.

Lucinda Branson to James Lonkert, home Glenn Street; $42,500.

Bayley Envelope to McKinney Enterprises of Ohio, commercial property on Annesley Road; $250,000.

Unity Township

James and Amanda Smith to William Kapton, 5 acres on Macklin Road; $26,500.

Judy Daubenmire to Ricky Smotherman II, home on Timber Run Street; $150,000.

Gary and Clorinda Kilgore to John and Samantha Todd, 9.1 acres on Crestview Road; $60,000.


Francisco Avellana, trustee, to Cassius LLC, commercial property on 420 Broadway; $210,000.

West Township

Tagra Spencer to Ganna McNutt to Crystal and Kammerenna Hafner, home on Buffalo Road; $53,800.

Travis and Terri Truex to John and Suzanne Bergerk, home on Sandy Springs Road; $126,000.

Yellow Creek Township

Jack Jobe, et al, to Kathie Morris, home on Hillcrest Road; $89,000.

Robert McNemart to Dylan Davis, home on Hillcrest Road; $92,000.

County Sheriff (Charles Cross) to Sarah Cross, home on Hillcrest Road; $22,000.

Pamela Crawford to Cynthia Imburgia, home on Parshall Street; $44,900.