Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Wilmington Savings Bank to Let Me Think LLC, home at 28771 Winona Road; $75,000.

Center Township

Donald and Deborah Arter to Michael A. Chidester or Melanie Hiner, home on Miller Road; $125,000.

East Liverpool

Cheryl Williams to Robert and Irene Myers, home on Lisbon Street; $67,500

Debbie J. Chan to Deidra or Justin Buck, home on Crestview Drive; $123,000.

Rebecca A. Tyson to Martha or Kenneth Cramer, car port on Florence Street; $4,800.

Rebecca A. Tyson to Rebecca Tyson or Tyler N. Montonya, home on Cadmus Street; $6,700.

Kelly Bailey et al, to Kelly R. Bailey, home on Allison Street; $28,525.

Darian Evonne Whaley and Steven L. Weyand to Cecil, Glen or Hellen R. Ball, home on Ogden Street; $1,500.

Russell E. Dray Jr. to Ronald or Nancy Boyd, home on Ohio Avenue; $20,000.

Michelle Fentress to Cecil Parson, home on Globe Street; $51,000.

East Palestine

Krisa Kenneth to Gary R. Mahoney, home on West Main Street; $93,000.

Steve or Carol Belaney to Matilda Krenke, home on Martin Street; $76,900.

Elkrun Township

Regina Bridge to Joseph or Emily Isaac, mobile home on state Route 154; $28,000.

Fairfield Township

Arthur W. Vanpelt to Lawrence or Lucy Vanpelt, home and farm building on state Route 14; $125,000.

Hanover Township

Michelle Biggs to Bobbi J. Entrikin-Miller or Mark E. Miller, home on Gavers Road; $103,000.

Knox Township

Jack or Edith Worley to HSBC Bank USA National Association, home on Buck Road (sheriff sale); $32,000.


Mildred E. McHenry Rance to Trustee of Robert K. Hendricks, home on Washington Street; $20,750.

Liverpool Township

Arthur Kelly and David Phillips, home on Elson Street; $88,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to Debbie Chan, home on Kingsridge Court; $99,900.

Perry Township

Slade Reiter to Rodney and Martha Manners, home on Conser Drive; $129,900.

Joshua or Tara L. Himes to Brittani D. Reese, home on Apple Street; $104,000.

The Mark R. Shivers Trust to Linden Avenue LLC, Dollar General Store on West State Street and Benton Road; $205,000.

Mark or Laird Bowersock to Mark Bowersock, condo on Pembrooke Drive; $30,000.


J. Brian and Melissa Carter, trustees, to Karin Wellendorf, home on East Eleventh Street; $107,000.

Tim and Angela Bates to Jaypril Lugue, home on West Pershing Street; $130,000.

Patricia Wood to Mary Christine Groves or Sean Groves, home on Orchard Bend Drive; $179,000.

Salem Township

WBT Land LLC to Eagle View Family Farms LLC, home on Yates Road; $715,000.

St. Clair Township

Jerry Pennybaker et al, to Kevin W. Morris II, home on Mud Lane; $94,000.

Unity Township

Belle Vista Inc. to Stephen or Erica Clutters, home on Linda Way; $8,000.

Washington Township

David A. Schindlbeck to David A. Schindlbeck and Shaun Michael Peirsel or Angel Fay Peirsel, home on Seigler Road; $135,500.


Douglas or Jayne Ann Rose to Todd Wright, home on Clark Avenue; $78,900.

Brian Clark or Jay Pappas to Sherrie L. Allen, home on Chester Avenue; $18,000.