Columbiana County Property Transfers

East Liverpool

Emily Burns to Michael Trewa and Mara Teeple, home on Smithfield Street; $5,500.

James and Monica Savage to Christina Savage, home on Inez Avenue; $36,800.

Kay and David Adkins to James Conrad, home on Maine Boulevard; $2,000.

Huntington National Bank to Jeffrey and Julie Kreefer, et al, home at 1994 Lisbon St.; $60,025.

Lucy Murray to Assured Properties, home on Sunnyside Avenue; $11,000.

Sondra Mattern to Garrett Bryson, home on Harding Avenue; $97,000.

County Sheriff (Jack Robinson) to Nationstar Mortgage, home on Garner Avenue; $38,190.

Marc Golden to David and Mary Gooding, home on Palissey Street; $12,000.

Yeany Trust to April and Hurley Stalnaker III, home on Coolidge Street; $80,000.

East Palestine

Belden Properties to 330 Properties, home at 476 E. Martin St.; $12,500.

Belden Properties to 330 Properties, home at 484 E. North St.; $12,500.

Julie Huston, et al, to Marylee Huston, home Pleasant Drive; $44,500.

Elkrun Township

Eleanor Kornbau to Marcy Dellinger, et al, home on state Route 154; $160,000.

Fairfield Township

Arthur and Sue Ferguson, trustees, to Westbound Property, commercial property on state Route 7; $365,000.

Franklin Township

Karen Morris, et al, to Milltree Properties, 95 acres on Gavers Road; $320,915.

Hanover Township

Bryan Hiler to Bryan Hiler and Natalie Ciarella, partial interest in home and 5.4 acres on McCallister Road; gift.


U.S. Bank National Association to Brock Development, home at 388 Sleepy Hollow Drive; $48,825.

Jacqueline Sauerwein, trustee, to Robert Hendricks, trustee, home on Pearl Street; $29,000.

Edward Boron, et al, to Mike and Tara Kovacich, home on Oak Street; $82,500.

Dale Riehl to Marlene and William May Jr., manufactured home on Mill Street; $80,000.

Liverpool Township

Virginia Anderson to Angie McKenzie, home on Annesley Road; $47,000.

Northern Hancock Bank & Trust to Todd Desarro and Leslie Huggins, restaurant (former Cafe 24) on Dresden Avenue; $55,000.


Maverick Contracting to Renelee Lewis, commercial property at 111-115 N. Market St.; $10,400.

Edgar Musguire to Leslie Arter, home on Sherman Street; $115,000.

Joseph Morenz to Kyle and Blair Ferry, home on East Chestnut Street; $75,000.

Liverpool Township

Mike and Kim Diloreto to Dennis and Terri Welker, home on Kingsridge Court; $198,000.

Madison Township

John McCullough to Cody and Jessicia Warnock, home and 2 acres on Crews Road; $30,000.

Paul and Jeanne Lucas to Aimie and Roger Heath Jr., home and 1.5 acres Lones Road; $45,000.

Mary Springer to Jeff and Cynthia Peddicord, manufactured home and 3 acres on state Route 45; $21,000.

Joseph Suica to Nancy and Ryan Pugh, home and 4.7 acres on state Route 45; $150,000.

Middleton Township

Gerald and Colleen Savors to Cory and Korie Brittain, home and 5.4 acres on Pancake-Clarkson Road; $250,000.

Ronald and Jennifer Kelvington to Sheridan and Arlene Young, property on Tomahawk Drive; $4,250.

Ronald and Jennifer Kelvington to Roxann Ondash, property on Tomahawk Drive; $4,250.

Perry Township

Seth Chamberlain to Julia Evans, home on Jennings Avenue; $129,900.

Marcia Spack, trustee, to Erica Guerrier, home on Stewart Road; $145,000.

M&M Homes to Rebecca Halverstadt, home at 1186 Southridge Drive; $193,000.


Cynthia Slavens, et al, to Jarred Stalnaker, home on East Third Street; $86,000.

Linda Thomson to Terry and Terri Fowler, home on West Ninth Street; $78,500.

Jon and Suzanne Vollmar to Citimortgage Inc., home on East Eighth Street; $52,000.

Stephen Javens to A&D LLC, property (B&J Appliance) on North Ellsworth Avenue; $70,000.

Dennis Niederhiser, et al, to Linda Thomson, condominium on Hawley Avenue; $80,000.

Janet Kirkland to James Ciminelli Jr., property on Ash Avenue; $7,000.

Elizabeth Eshenbaugh to Kevin Nichols, home on East Fifth Street; $119,900.

Robert Cole and Luann Limestahl to Jennifer Lozier, home on South Lincoln Avenue; $165,000.

County Sheriff (McFarland and JL) to Union Properties, home at 890 Jennings Ave.; $31,000.

Janice Bethel to Nathan and Penny Maley, home on Homewood Avenue; $12,000.

Betty Moore to Michael Gagnon, et al, home West State Street; $55,299.

Salem Township

Sunny Wright to Norman and Dorothy Reynolds, manufactured home and property on state Route 14; $29,800.

Helen Lewis to Daniel Kincaid, home on Leetonia Road; $32,500.


Jeffrey Boals to John Naylor and Diane Moore, 3 lots on High Street; $1,500.

St. Clair Township

Coleen Dailey to Timothy and Amber Salsberry, home on Old Fredericktown Road; $100,000.

Calcutta Development to Vincent and Lisa Sanfilippo, 1.1 acres on Fieldstone Drive; $36,000.

Dennis and Terri Welker to Cheryl Castellano, home on Meadowbrook Circle; $155,000.

Wilma Taubert, et al, to Rena Rusiewicz, et al, home and 8 acres on Birch Road; $185,000.

Mark and Marilyn Young to Christopher Grant, home on Grimms Bridge Road; $103,100.

Unity Township

Dale and Ruth Ehrenberg to Robert and Beverly Batchelor, home on state Route 170; $117,000.

Lisa Kaylor to Daniel Garman, 1 acre on Bacon Avenue; $15,000.

Angela Trapp to Lonnie and Meggan Fox, home on Heck Road; $149,000.

Washington Township

Sharon Meeks to Gregory Rice, home and 3.7 acres on state Route 164; $20,000.


John Betz to Walter Sloan, home on Chester Avenue; $40,000.

Tammy Palma to Larry and Sandra Smith, lot and garage on Commerce Street; $6,100.

Robert and Gerry Osborn to Donna Applegate, home on Clark Avenue; $63,000.

West Township

Mark and Olivia Scott to Ernest Schmachtenberger, home and 2.1 acres on Walker Road; $197,500.

Yellow Creek Township

Kaylee Pew and Kristopher Groves to Kristopher Groves, home on state Route 39; $57,350.