Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Kyle Bardo to Timothy Anstine, home and 4 acres on Carey Road; $175,000.


Gary and Judy Joy to Matt and Christiana Peterson, home on North Elm Street; $157,325.

Cynthia Douglass to David and Robin Douglass, home on Heck Road; $140,000.

County Sheriff (Stephen May) to Lakeview Loan Servicing, home on Lisbon Street; $40,000.

East Liverpool

Connie Kidder to Andrew and Judy King, home on Shady Lane Drive; $120,000.

Norma Clendenning to Charles McCullough, et al, home on Cain Street; $35,000.

East Palestine

City of East Palestine to Anthony Podbielski, 0.7 acres on Padgett Road; $23,400.

Carol Parks and Thomas Laffin to Deutsche Bank (foreclosure), home on Martin Street; $20,000.

Elkrun Township

County Sheriff (Laurie Pettner and Jennie Minor) to JP Morgan Mortgage, home on state Route 7; $14,000.

Geraldine Stanley to Clifford and Charlotte Warner, house trailer and 3.4 acres on Scroggs Road; gift.

Fairfield Township

Scott Schaefer to Dale Burbick, 4.2 acres on state Route 164; $22,000.

Scott Schaefer to Hodgeco Inc., home on state Route 164; $104,500.

Lowell and Cheryl Snyder, trustees, to Richard and Madonna Wyatt, home and 53 acres on Lower Elkton Road; $168,500

Richard and Debra Lagaras to Danny Ruscoe, home on Columbiana-Waterford Road; $163,000.

Brian Hanna to Debra Altenhof, home on Metz Road; $88,000.

Franklin Township

Thomas Kerner to Robert Powell, home and property on Fink Road; $215,000.

Hanover Township

Vivian Mossey, trustee, to Richard Byrne Trust, home on Lake Knoll Avenue; $300,000.

Margaret and Jonathan Oliver, trustees, to Nicholas Paparodis, 0.8 acre on Westward Way; $15,000.

Knox Township

Janet Stone to Ronnie Felgar, home on Knox School Road; $115,000.


Jeff Adams to Barbara Reed and Sue Laughlin, partial interest in home on East Chestnut Street; gift.

Liverpool Township

Larry and Betty Davis to Prestige Properties of East Liverpool, manufactured home and property on Fourth Avenue; $17,500.

Mike and Kim Diloreto to Andrew Devon, property on Hampton Court; $10,000.

Brian Costantini to Jessica and Aaron Ensminger, home on Pleasant Street; $135,000.

Daniel Savors to Crystal Savors, home on Anderson Boulevard; $9,800.

Madison Township

Christopher Howells, et al, to Thomas Kerner, home on Desellem Road; $148,500.

Middleton Township

Norma Frommell to James and Betty McCall, home on Iroquois Trail; $198,650.

New Waterford

Ralph and Sharon Creighton to Cora and Rickie May, home on New England Square; $110,000.

Perry Township

Let Me Think LLC to Richard and Kaitlyn Gibson, home at 1263 Andrew Ave.; $103,500.

Jean Roberts to David and Tabatha Brown, home on Georgetown Road; $145,000.

Bruce and Charlotte Capel to John Biddle, 0.5 acres on Goshen Road; $8,000.


Gilbert Rowles to Edward Mitchell, home on East Fourth Street; $55,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Anthony and Allyson Perry, home at 182 Brooklyn Ave.; $49,900.

Ricky and Mary Bell to Jacob Rector, home on East Fourth Street; $63,250.

Salem Township

Sandra and Joseph Hollenshead Jr. to Joshua Thompson, home on Butcher Road; $135,000.

St. Clair Township

Larry Wolf to David and Kathleen Kyle, manufactured home and property on Irish Ridge Road; $20,000.

Brian Mathe and Kelsie Wymer to Daniel and Jennifer Bennett, home on South Park Circle; $164,000.

Ruth Orin, deceased, to Pete Vujklya, home on Meadowbrook Circle; $20,000.

Unity Township

Ray Smith to Eric Beccari, et al, home and 6.9 acres on Metz Road; $390,000.

Dana Musulin to Peace Valley LLC, home on state Route 170; $91,000.

Wayne Township

Heidi Scott to Christopher and Bobbie Harrison, 8.5 acres on Laughlin Road; $34,500.


Larry and Betty Davis to Prestige Properties of East Liverpool, home on Maple Avenue; $11,000.

West Township

Jenniev Corbett to Megan Pitts and Charles King, home on Canal Street; $80,000.

Julie Crawford to Joshua Sanders, home on Stephen Drive; $125,000.

Roger Higginbotham, et al, to Jayson and Michele Fescemyer, house trailer and property on Quaker Church Road; $10,000.

Yellow Creek Township

Edward and Kelly Evanko to John and Lynnie Croxall, home on Parkview Drive; $100,000.

Cheri Graves to Gus and Mark Klavuhn, partial interest in home on Rosedale Avenue; $30,100.

Gus Klavuhn to Mark Klavuhn, partial interest in home on Rosedale Avenue; $45,250.