Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

David and Gena Debee to Aurthur and Traci Cameron, 2.4 acres on Carey Road; $21,000.

Center Township

Charles and Barbara McCullough to Franklin Thorne Jr., Frola Motel on state Route 45; $100,000.

Christopher and Dawn Davis to Trifera LLC, home on Pritchard Street; $52,800.


Brian Foy to SJA Investments, home on South Elm Street; $35,000.

Jarrod and Gabriella Kuczer to Vincent Deluco, home on Metz Road; $144,000.

East Liverpool

I. Scott and Ellen Grosser to Always Best Care of Columbiana and Mahoning Counties, commercial property (dentist’s office) on St. Clair Avenue; $44,000.

Daniel Widger, et al, to Brian Bennett, home on Thompson Avenue; $8,500.

James McNary to George Gray, home on Smithfield Street; $36,000.

East Palestine

Robert and Lynda Rorabaugh to Shane Peterson and Andria Lyons, home on Malibu Drive; $285,00.

Lorraine Budd, trustees, to Robert Haglan, home on Alice Street; $62,000.

Elkrun Township

Douglas Diorio to William Anderson, home and 128 acres on Bear Hollow Road; $150,000.

Franklin Township

Carole Thorne, et al, to Patricia Kelly, home on Jackson Street; $2,200.

Knox Township

Katherine Oesch to Todd McDaniel, home on Hartley Road; $223,000.


Edwin Browne, trustee, to Roy and Amy Faulk, commercial property (Ed Browne & Associates) on West Lincoln Way; $70,000.

Eric and Georgia Lathrop to Matthew and Tiffani Farson, home on West Lincoln Way; $145,000.

Charles Hoffman to Jared Sweeney, home on West Chestnut Street; $101,000.

Liverpool Township

Kira Price to William Price, manufactured home and 1 acre on Eighth Avenue; $13,000.

Madison Township

Betty Caudill to Certek Heat Machine USA, commercial garage and 6.7 acres on East Liverpool Road; $250,000.,

George Crews II, et al, to 16963 State Route 45 LLC, home and 4 acres on state Route 45; $165,000.

Perry Township

Barbara Boeckling, trustees, to Jared Clark, home on North Lincoln Avenue; $155,000.

Gary and Anita George to Gailand and Teresa Angerstein, property on Victor Circle; $6,000.

Theresa Wooley, et al, to Jennifer Toporcer, condominium on North Ellsworth Avenue; $249,000


John and Catherine Szmczyk to Daniel Barcey, home on East Perry Street; $29,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Terri A. Bower, home at 664 Washington Ave.; $14,000.

Jeffrey Cushman to Linda and Herbert Washington Jr., home on Pearce Circle; $340,000.

Evelyn Yuhanick to Ray and Darlee Metzgar, home on Jennings Avenue; $129,900.


Paula and William Moore to Richard Moore, home on Salineville Road; $57,800.

Delores McVay to William and Violet McGuire, home on Foundry Hill Road; $40,000.

St. Clair Township

Mary Butler to Tammy Palma, home on Walker Road; $40,000.

County Sheriff (Carol Williams) to Deutsche Bank National Trust, home on Wyoming Avenue; $50,000

Unity Township

Joseph Sarchione, et al, to Craig and Emilee Houser, 6.5 acres on McCloskey Road; $32,500.

Krista Johnson and Kevin Smith to James Luke, 0.9 acre on Timber Run Street; $12,900.


McCutcheon Family Trust to Ashton Bloor, home on Riverside Avenue; $39,000.

Kara Pierson and Gregg Congrove to Kara and James Pierson, home on Clark Avenue; $17,200.

West Township

Shirley Wells to Howard Barnes, manufactured home and 09. acres on Bayard Road; $5,784.

Wayne and Karen Schonauer to Carol Blackburn, home on Ellsworth Avenue; $125,000.

Betty Griffith to Whiteleather Properties, home on Bayard Road; $15,000.

John and Renae Griffith to Terry Green, home on Rochester Road; $195,000.

Carolyn Nape Trust to Brett Woolever, home and 3.3 acres on U.S. Route 30; $108,000.

Yellow Creek Township

Prestige Properties of East Liverpool to Daniel Berkeimer, home and 5.6 acres on 10th Street Extension; $25,500.