Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Mark and Kimberly Leeman to Lynn Leeman, home and 5.3 acres on Shoemaker Road; $50,000.

Williams Family Trust to Anthony and Karl Weaver, 11 acres on Slater Road; $98,875.

County Sheriff (Carolyn and David Hoy II) to Midfirst Bank, home on Cameron Street; $33,400.


Donald and Peggy Oberholtzer to John and Christine Oliver, five lots on Southern Avenue; $38,000.

East Liverpool

Ronald Keener to Donald and Hope Poole, home on Avondale Street; $1,300.

James Cantwell and Isabel Davis to James Cantwell, partial interest in home on Etruria Street; $18,150.

Jean Perkins to Gilberta Raimond, home on Crestview Drive; $78,000.

Larry and Betty Davis to Brandon and Jennifer Keck, home on Globe Street; $20,000.

East Palestine

Willard and Beverly Leake to Jared and Emilee Sorrell, home on East Main Street; $87,000.

Kerri Brown, et al, to Kerri and Kenneth Brown Jr., partial interest in property on McClure Avenue; $5,300.

Jeffrey Francis to Dylan Feezle and Ashley Crosser, home on Alice Street; $89,000.

Joseph and Patricia Elder to Karen Runkles, home on High Street; $114,000.

Elkrun Township

Beverly Shivers to Candace Ross, home on state Route 7; $17,000.

Harold Feezle to Steven and Julie Stoffer, manufactured home on state Route 7; $75,000.

Scott Steele to Donnie and Jennifer Cain, 5 acres on Clarkson Road; $15,000.

Fairfield Township

Jack Madden to Brenda Vargo, home on state Route 164; $124,675.

James and Debra Raley to Robert and Nancy Ridgley, home on Carter Road; gift.

Daniel Mercer to Robert and Nancy Ridgley, home on Carter Road; gift.

Robert and Nancy Ridgley to James and Debra Raley, home on Carter Road; gift.

Franklin Township

Carole Thorne, et al, to P & H Cattle Co., farm buildings and 11 acres on Lewis Road; $78,404.

Carol Thorne, et al, to Brown Valley Farm, 50 acres on Lewis Road; $250,282.

Hanover Township

Donald and Nancy Agnew to Janice Gruszecki, trustee, home on Votaw Drive; $104,000.

Knox Township

David Fox, trustee, to Reuben and Tina Coblentz, home on 18 acres on Georgetown Road; $110,000.


Butler and McCoy to Marie Evans Miller Agency Inc., commercial property (Main Street Machine Shop) on Main Street; $53,900.

Liverpool Township

Capital Income & Growth Fund to James Mayfield, home on Lacroft Avenue; $28,000.

Madison Township

Amy Cunningham to Sonya Fox, home on Osbourne Road; $78,000.

Cynthia Vojnovich to Scott and Kathy Glynn, 1.3 acres on East Liverpool Road; $6,000.

Middleton Township

John and Peggy Geiss to Donna and Edward Rochez, home on Tomahawk Drive; $210,000.

Donald and Sandra Boling to Stephen and Julie Sacco, home and 120 acres on Adams Road; $379,500.

Cory Brittain and Kory Beight to BF Limited Partnership, home and 3 acres on Pancake-Clarkson Road; $100,000.

Phillip Rimoldi to Barry and Ann Marie Emge, 0.7 acre lot on Tomahawk Drive; $133,000.

Perry Township

Patrick Kelly Trust to Duane and Carol Stalnaker, condominium on Somerset Drive; $63,000.


Julia Willoughby to Lynn Fair, home on Washington Avenue; $60,200.

Salem Township

Keir Family Trust to Gary and Cindy Eichler, home on Yates Road; $181,500.

Jerold Smith to Jeffrey Booker, et al, home on Jersey Ridge Road; $110,000.


Georgeann and Robert Henry Jr. to Rebecca Dickson, home on Jefferson Street; $15,000.

St. Clair Township

Marion Perkins to Mark and Kimberly Waugh, home and 5 acres on Purinton Avenue; $94,000.

Allen and Diane Watson, trustees, to Mark Scarafile, home on Homestead Drive; $120,000.

Freda Kaiser to Sheila and Tim Brennan, home and 2.8 acres on Birch Road; $165,000.

Dennis Hildebrand to Linda Reeder, home on Sprucevale Road; $63,000.

Unity Township

Terri Centric to State Route 170 Property LLC, manufactured home and 1.2 acres on state Route 170; $60,000.

James and Brandy Kent to Ronald and Corrie Rafferty, property on Padgett Road; $19,000.

Tim Bechtel to Bank of New York (foreclosure), home on Unity Line Road; $60,000.

Washington Township

Christopher and Kesheena Carroll to Tara Eastham, home and 4 acres on state Route 39; $174,000.


Susan Arnott to Patricia Myers, home and 2.3 acres on state Route 39; $95,000.

West Township

Audrey Ossler, et al, to Jack and Paul McIntosh, home on U.S. Route 30; $10,000.

Yellow Creek Township

Thomas and Barbara Delauder to David Evans, home and 2.3 acres on Hillcrest Road; $123,000.

Eugene and Lisa Ceneviva to William and Leslie Watson, home on Parkview Drive; $130,000.