Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Pamela and Russell Kiko Jr. to Kenneth Lambert, 0.9 acres on McCann Road; $6,000.

Center Township

Kathy Loudon, et al, to Tyler Morris, 59 acres on Pleasantview Drive; $235,000.

Center Township

Jennifer Arnold to Columbiana County Board of Developmental Disabilities, commercial property at 9029 Hill St.; $5,000.


Tracey Hoffman to Daniel Vargo, home on Allen Avenue; $178,000.

ASA Properties to HAPA Properties, property on South Main Street; $65,000.

Larry and Susan Kyser to Jason Leigh, home on Fairfield Avenue; $55,000.

George Schneidmiller to Gregory Vogrin, condominium on Springfield Road; $102,000.

East Liverpool

Jason and Kelly Hicks to Chris DeSarro, home on Michigan Ave.; $14,000.

Michael Temple to Rebecca Tyson, home on Cadmus Street; $12,000.

Sherry Minto and Leslie Crowe to Leslie Crowe, home on St. George Street; $20,000.

Joshua and Jennifer Duffy to Franklin Thorne, home on Riverview Street; $33,000.

Bartolovich Ventures to O’Reilly Auto Enterprises, 0.6 acre lot on Jackson Street; $525,000.

Julianna Coleman to Jackson Ventry, home on Eighth Street; gift.

Elkrun Township

Columbiana County Mental Health Center to Carol and Edna Rhodes, home and 62 acres on state Route 154; $160,000.

Fairfield Township

Philip and Kimberly Delgado to David and Casey Panezott, home and 5 acres on Crestview Road; $207,000.

Hanover Township

Taylor Laughlin to Rebecca Diroll, home on Beech Street; $82,400.

John Walliser Jr. to Mary Lou Boley and Anna J. Monsche, home on Camp Boulevard; $181,500.

Knox Township

Diane and Gary Dimit to Christine Stevens, home and 3.2 acres on Hartley Road; $287,000.

Dorothy Burkhart to Erik and Tonya Beachy, home and 3 acres on Bowman Road; $138,600.

Liverpool Township

GMP Development Co. to Ethan and Marisa Dawson, 0.7 acres on Forest Hills Drive; $22,000.

Andrew and Terri Campbell to Blaine and Barbara Fields, home on Annesley Road; $61,000.

Larry and Betty Davis to Dylan Cain, home on Densmore Avenue; $43,000.

Madison Township

Dale and Brenda James to Dale James, partial interest in home on Campground Road; $83,450.

Middleton Township

Mark Navyac to Marcus and Lacey Calhoun, home on Tomahawk Drive; $165,000.

Perry Township

David Panezott and Casey Morac to Cynthia Baugher, home on Andrew Avenue; $84,000.


Mary Altier to Wells Fargo Bank (foreclosure), home on Stewart Street; $50,000.

Samary Fry Taylor Trust to Debra and Drew Leggett, home on West Seventh Street; $78,000.

Advanta Trust to Annie Manley, home at 196 S. Madison Ave.; $90,000.

St. Clair Township

Joseph Barrett Jr., et al, to Bruce Garver, home on Old Fredericktown Road; $39,000.’

Michael Baker to C. Ray Family LLC, home and 2.3 acres on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $8,000.


Barbara Hannah to Heather Barnhart, home on Union Street; $67,000.


Sherry Minto and Leslie Crowe to Sherry Minto, partial interest in home on Riverside Avenue; $15,600.

Kara Pierson and Gregg Congrove to Joshua Congrove, home on Chester Avenue; $60,000.