Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Christian and Elizabeth Chappell to Donald and Tiffani Heverly, home on Slater Road; $232,000.

Center Township

Jane Ingledue to Lee and Logan Vollnogle, home on Wayne Bridge Road; $91,000.


Christine and John Day to Patricia and Lester Crittenden III, condominium on East Springfield Road; $83,000.

Curtis Tharp to Allison and Ty Graham, home on Duquense Street; $105,000.

James and Susan Bolin to Marc and Renee Grommes, home on Canterbury Court; $282,000.

East Liverpool

Michael and Jeff Kreefer to Jeff Kreefer, partial interest in home on Shady Lane Drive; $27,500.

RECA Limited Partnership to National Asset Advisors, home at 1602 Globe St.; $22,100.

National Asset Advisors to RECA Limited Partnership, home at 1602 Globe St.; $22,100.

Judith Heffner to Mandy Brown, home on Ohio Avenue; $68,000.

Elkrun Township

Mathias Szegedi Jr. to Jay Fox, home and 10 acres on Fairfield School Road; $65,000.

Fairfield Township

Marcia Beckner to Adam Himes, home and 2.5 acres on Southern Avenue; $88,000.

James Eckman to Steven McMillen, home on state Route 7; $126,500.

Hanover Township

Boyd Brewer to David and Jacquelyn Smith, trustee, home and 30 acres on state Route 172: $287,500.

Mary Popa and Barbara McDonald to Gerald and Barbara George, home on Wisner Road; $53,000.

Janet Bigelow to Debbie Ross, home on Camp Boulevard; $34,400.

David Rinehart to Debbie Ross, property on Camp Boulevard; $34,000.

Knox Township

Loretta Shaddix to Stephen Grimm, home on Lake Front Drive; $45,000.

John and Bonita Snively to Nicholas Mann and Nicole Spencer, home on Bowman Road; $154,000.

Elmer Aebi to William Patterson, home on Margaret Lane; $129,900.


Charles and Michelle Hiner to Lucille Gephart, property on State Street; $5,000.

Liverpool Township

Gilberta Raimond to Helen Doherty, home on Broadview Circle; $134,900.

Wells Fargo Bank to John Eiler, home at 932 Dilworth Road; $25,000.

Madison Townships

Estate Jerry Bibbee Jr. to Diana Smith, trustee of Smith Family Trust, 1.5 acres on Old Lincoln Highway; $10,000.

Connie Rush to Herman and Gail Lindsey, 1.5 acres on state Route 45; $4,800.

Middleton Township

Warren Smith to Daryl and Michelle Heiser, two lots on Tomahawk Drive; $120,000.

Charlotte McLaughlin to JAJL Properties, manufactured home, garage and 2.8 acres on state Route 154; $40,000.

New Waterford

Frederick Porada to Polly Johnston, home on East Main Street; $57,500.

Perry Township

Teresa Fortney to Shirley Lukas, home on Brittany Lane; $119,000.

Doris Ogle trust to Floyd and Luanne McCartney, 1.1 acres on Pidgeon Road; $7,500.


Thomas Zocolo, et al, to Thomas Zocolo, partial interest in home on Rea Drive; $98,320.

Paul McCoy Jr. to Julio Tomas, home on South Union Avenue; $9,000.

James Shearer to Brian and Cherie Davis, home on Franklin Avenue; $76,500.

Denise Ruhl to Adam Tittle, home on South Madison Avenue; $60,000.

Theodore Thorne, trustee, to M & M Homes, property on Edgewood Drive; $25,000.

St. Clair Township

Robert and Dorothy Kittridge to Larry and Mitzi Merriman, house trailer and property on Bell School Road; $10,000.

Travis and Rachel Cronin to Brian Davis, home on Meadowbrook Circle; $125,000.

Linda Farnsworth to Robert and Amanda Estell, home on Staunton Avenue; $60,000.

Unity Township

Kimberly and James Gilbert Jr. to Christopher and Sara Norris, home and 2.5 acres on Bentwood Drive; $238,000.

Washington Township

Douglas Kroeck to Joseph Giampetro, home and 29 acres on Clarks Mill Road; $265,000.


Altay Sipahioglu to Yellow Jacket Investments, home on West Main Street; $51,500.

Wayne Township

Ayrek Howard to Jacob and Nicolina Fox, home and 8.5 acres on Laughlin Road; $165,000.

West Township

Bryan Marriner to Boyd and Holly Brewer, home on U.S. Route 30; $187,500.

Frank and Constance Hein to Tyler Hein, home on Rochester Road; $77,500.