Columbiana County Property Transfers


P. Earl Corey to Scott Yuhanick and Taylor Luby, home on North Vine Street; $207,000.

Craig and Melinda Barr to David and Frances Baehler, home on Ray Avenue; $145,000.

East Liverpool

Charles and Rebecca Payne to Smithfield St. Clair Properties LLC, home and four lots on Smithfield and Case streets; $120,000.

Cheryl Hinton to MSKF Holdings & Properties, commercial property (former Oasis) on St. Clair Avenue; $81,500.

Joseph and Leah Hoffrichter trust to Mark and Cynthia Hoffrichter, trustees, home on Armstrong Lane; $150,000.

John Leon to Roy and Courtney Tice, home on Ohio Avenue; $12,000.

Robert and Kim McKnight to Aaron Cramer, home on Orchard Grove Avenue; $83,000.

Shirley Gulutz to Frank and Gloria Manypenny, home on Vine Street; $35,000.

Stephen Clutter to Pamela and Patrick Dray, home on Trentvale Street; $61,800.

Jennifer Reese to David and Gloria Gargano, home on Cleveland Avenue; $49,000.

East Palestine

Brittany and Darren Drexler to Jennifer Craig, home on Bacon Avenue; $112,000.

Ronald Dixon to Lee and Casey Shetler, home on East Martin Street; $86,000.

Jacqueline Blankenship to Ronald Dixon, home on Alice Street; $85,000.

James and Julie Mullen (foreclosure) to Wilmington Savings Fund, home on Park Drive; $50,000.

Fairfield Township

Evelyn Johnston to Brandon Cope, home on Edward Circle; $112,000.

Henry and Denise Weber to Jennifer and Jeffrey Ross, home on state Route 7; $71,500.

Hanover Township

Vito Weeda to Penny and Nathan Maley, property on Speidel Road; $16,500.

Knox Township

Rosemary Felgar (sheriff’s sale) to JP Morgan Chase Bank, home on 3423 Lake St.; $50,160.

Gene and Joyce Kitzmiller to Sam Kitzmiller, 129 acres on Bandy Road; $170,000.

Madison Township

Alice Russell, et al, to Clark and Marcie Dunn, home on Y&O Road; $50,000.

Edward Lewis III to Darlene George and Edward Lewis III, 10 acres on Cream Ridge Road; $8,700.

Middleton Township

Michael and Sally Hannum to Eric and Jennifer Shafer, home on Tomahawk Drive; $147,500.

Deborah Rimoldi to Mark and Diana Mays, lots of Yuma Trail and Ottawa Trail; $5,000.

New Waterford

David and Jane Rose to Toni DiCello, home on Main Street; $65,000.

Perry Township

Jason and April Conn to Raphael Oliveira, home on Stewart Road; $25,000.


Courtney Enterprises to Mandy and Anthony Colian, warehouse on West Wilson Street; $30,000.

Allen and Tracey Kibler (sheriff’s sale) to Huntington National Bank, home at 907 Sixth St.; $44,000.

Bryant Elliott to William and Kaelin Fish, home on West 13th Street; $97,500.

Elmer Sommers Jr., trustee, to Cathy Price, home on Fair Avenue; $40,000.

Laguna LLC to YBS Real Estate LLC, home at 150-152 S. Lincoln Ave.; $26,616.

YMG Inc. to Carol Lippiatt, home at 1813 E. State St.; $70,000.

Kenneth and Deborah Horn to Christine Leasure, home on Fairview Avenue; $95,000.

Salem Township

Alberta Wukotich to Matthew Gilbert, house trailer and 1.3 acres on state Route 45; $69,000.

St. Clair Township

Gerald Stigen to Deborah Cowdery, home on Warren Avenue; $40,000.

Jeffrey and Valerie Reese to Brian Taylor, home on Stagecoach Road; $142,000.

Susan Kemple to Kenneth and Linda Devore, property on Stuart Road; $10,130.

ELO Fields LLC to Calcutta Reality Associate LLC, Kmart property on state Route 170; $1.67 million.

Virginia Cagot estate to Scott Barrett, home on Irish Ridge Road; $63,800.

Don Sowards Jr. to David Banfield, condominium on Sprucevale Road; $120,000.

Unity Township

John and Valerie Harmocy to Wendy and Lawrence Kittel, home on Timber Run Street; $220,000.


Leslie Crowe and Sherry Minto to Sherry Minto, home on Riverside Avenue; $22,000.

West Township

Barrick’s Maple Farm to Andrew and Amanda Conrad, partial interest in 58 acres on Lowmiller Road; $900.

Ervin and Marie Lee to Justin Novak, home on Stump Road; $120,000.

Craig and Shantelle Hoopes to Scott Hawk, home on Rochester Road; $118,000.

Barbara Cunningham, trustee, to Ronald and Suzanne Berstler, 44 acres on Bayard Road; $3,800.