Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Kirk and Mary Bloss to Mary Bloss, home on Georgetown-Damascus Road; $35,000.

Perry and Michelle Fredman to Joshua Owen, home on Hillside Drive; $54,700.


Jonathan Burrows to Judy and Eric Blystone, home on Lucretia Lane; $195,000.

Zachary and Amy Orville to Bethany and Robert Quetot Jr.., home on Edgewood Drive; $159,900.

Robert and Bethany Quetot to Sarah Davis, home on North Pearl Street; $90,000.

East Liverpool

Miller Family Trust to John Eiler, home at 1011 Florence St.; $8,000.

Catherine Schondelmeyer to Joshua and Kerry Lytle, home on Lang Street; $99,000.

Steven and Constance Smith to Mark Beaver, home on Globe Street; $37,700

Norma Fry to William and Donna Rudder, home on Williams Avenue; $94,000.

East Palestine

Mary Hill to Edward Baughman, home on East Martin Street; $98,000.

Elkrun Township

TDB No. 2 LLC to Jerald and Gloria Williams, home at 11100 state Route 45; $32,000.

Franklin Township

Anthony and Joanne Zarlinga to Kenneth and Gregory Hruby, 19 acres on Willard Road; $63,683.

Hanover Township

Rene and George Barlow Jr. to Jamie and Jennifer Davidson, home on Fantale Street; $178,000.


12 Point Investments to Francis and Kathleen Moriarty, home at 64 Hazel St.; $70,000.


Sue Martin to David and Melinda Belaney, trustees, home on Sunset Drive; $160,000.

Middleton Township

Sherry Bernat trust to John and Christine Shymchyk, home on Tomahawk Drive; $440,000.

Jodi McCowin to Kaitlyn and William Barcus Jr., home on state Route 154; $74,000.

Nancy Plecas to Amanda and Joseph White Jr., home and 5 acres on Bye Road; $142,000.

Perry Township

Samuel and Kimberly Mong to Michael Horst, home and 3.3 acres on West State Street; $245,000.

Susan Latimer and Patricia McFall to Susan Latimer, home and 2 acres on Benton Road; $44,000.

Gary Rist to Amy Hochadel, condominium on Pembrooke Drive; $50,000.


Tod Mumpire to Brian and Carol Welton, home on East Sixth Street; $84,500.

Daniel Rea and Marsha Rea Hodsen to Dale and Susan McCracken, condominium on Superior Avenue; $118,000.

KAJA Holdings to DSV SPV1 LLC, home at 1112 Cleveland St.; $11,005.

David Shrontz to Thomas Brant, home on Franklin Avenue; $84,500.

Selma Davis and Marsha Kuhanec to William and Pamela Lyda, home on East Third Street; $45,000.

Sherlanne Miller to Rachel Rummel, home on Robin Avenue; $89,000.

JHP Rentals to Gary Houdyshell, industrial vacant land on Cedar Street; $5,000.

Adam Greene and Kami Sponseller to Nathan and Jo-Hanna Chase, home on Brooklyn Avenue; $109,000.

James Johns to Greenheart Companies, condominium on Orchard Bend Drive; $46,000.

Thomas Ketchum to Jesse Ketchum, home on Grant Avenue; $42,000.

Elaine Tubecki to Tonia Graham and Philip Patrick, home on West 12th Street; $106,500.

Salem Township

Delores Newton to Jay Fox, home and 4.2 acres on state Route 558; $150,000.

St. Clair Township

Courtney Kind to Wayne Cronin, home on Simmons Street; $81,250.

Herman Langer and Herman Langer Jr. to Gilda Mansfield, condominium on Sprucevale Road; $135,000.

Mark and Marybeth Peters to Michael and Robin Woodburn, home on Seville Lane; $217,500.

Unity Township

Estate of David Baker to Cynthia Parker, 68 acres on Bye Road; $20,000.

John and Tawni Parker to Harold Feezle, home and 4 acres on state Route 14: $190,000.

The estate Cynthia Handwork to Ralph Borelli, home on Metz Road; $156,800.

Washington Township

Gary Wrightsman to Zaverl Family, 11.7 acres on McGavern Road; $20,000.


June and John Smith to William and Jana Luzer, commercial property (Smith’s Restaurant) on Main Street; $7,500.

Paul Wright Jr. to John Wright, home on 15th Street; $56,600.

Wells Fargo Bank to Chan Ho Lok, home at 417 10th St.; $34,400.

West Township

Russell Brown to Klaus and Patricia Fischer, farm buildings and 75 acres on Watson Road; $149,221.

Russell Brown to Rebecca Denman, 52 acres on Watson Road; $136,514.

Russell Brown to Mark Kohler, 20.7 acres on U.S. Route 30; $12,013.

Russell Brown estate to Lawrence Fechko, trustee, 75 acres on Watson Road; $41,450.