Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Kyle and Melissa Crowl to Alan and Carrie Zielinski, home on Winona Road; $160,000.


George and Christine Lunger to Daniel and Megan Halverstadt, home on Stanton Avenue; $155,000.

East Liverpool

Penny and George Davis Jr. to Kathryn Nixon, home on Jennings Avenue; $20,000.

Aaron and Joann Stevens to Mike and Debra Volino, property at 228 W. Seventh St.; $1,500.

Elkrun Township

Anna and Andy Byler III to Finley Croyle Jr., manufactured home and property on state Route 154; $38,000.

Fairfield Township

Beverly Lunger to Shane Williams, home on Signal Road; $140,000.

Franklin Township

Earl and Aletha Sadler to Michael and Stephanie McCartney, home and 3 acres on Willard Road; $205,000.


Linda Godaday to Terry Wood, partial interest in home on Canal Street; gift.

Hanover Township

Sheryl Rice to Thomas Murphy and Megan Miller, home and 4 acres on Randel Road; $90,000.

Diana Strudthoff to Robert Reeder, partial interest in home on Speidel Road; gift.

Howard and Sophia Patterson to Selma and Howard Patterson III, home and refreshment stand on Camp Boulevard; $50,000.

Knox Township

Thomas and Linda Cassidy to Wayne and Noreen Weisenburger, home on Westville Lake Road; $152,400.


Larry Webber and Beverly Larson, trustees, to Daryl Vogus, home on West Chestnut Street; $61,500.

Candice Rogers, et al, to Jeffrey Cain, partial interest in home on Sherman Street; gift.

Liverpool Township

James and Susanne Dailey to Marc Golden, home on Kingsridge Drive; $144,000.

Bank of America to Terry and Trudy Tice, home at 3125 Harding Ave.; $62,605.

Madison Township

Mary Heckathorn, et al, to Derek Barnhart, property on McCormick Run Road; $4,200.

Middleton Township

Beverly Pease to Dana and Ricky Smith, 3.8 acres on Union Ridge Road; $5,000.

New Waterford

Carol Gorby to DSG Rentals, home on West Main Street; $30,500.

Bruce Goins to George and Laura Muska, home and 7.5 acres on Front Street; $229,900.

Perry Township

Earl and Linda Vickers to Wilmington Savings Fund Society (foreclosure), home on Elberon Avenue; $45,000.


Don Santee to Dave and Amy Miller, property at 368 E. Third St.; $7,500.

J. Cletus Paumier to Timothy and Pamela Ginter, home on Homewood Avenue; $130,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Brad L. McIlvain, home at 2082 Southeast Boulevard; $44,000.

Elma Dixson to Patricia DiAntonio, condominium on Maple Street; $77,500.

Daniel Halverstadt to Michael Shannon, home on Jennings Avenue; $64,200.

Leona McClaskey to John Taylor, home on West Fifth Street; $30,000.

Richard and Kimberly Cole to Darryl Stewart, home on Maple Street; $73,000.

Salem Township

Gary Eichler Jr. to Charles and Phyllis Higgins, home on state Route 45; $118,000.

St. Clair Township

Citifinancial Servicing to Rexford Mays home at 47851 Lincoln St.; $31,250.

Ellen Ross to Superior Marine Services, home on East Liverpool Road; $110,000.

Estate of Mary Howard to Gregory and Marissa Slovak, home on Birch Road; $106,000.

William and Elaine Williams to Dharam and Shashi Batish, home on Eagle Drive; $219,000.

Home Savings & Loan to Connie and Phillip Moffett, home on Martha Street; $56,000.

Unity Township

Estate of Catherine Petraglia to Myron Wehr Properties, 112 acres on Heck Road; $380,450.


Tamara Pelley to James Mallory Ltd., house trailer and lot on Nevada Street; $49,000.

West Township

Wells Fargo Bank to Roger and Judy Higginbotham, house trailer and property at 25043 Quaker Church Road; $5,501.