Columbiana County Property Transfers

Center Township

Dale Valentine to Christina Cousins, home on state Route 164; $140,000.


Estate of Dean Vestal to Valley Investment Group home Blueberry Drive; $85,000.

Helen Steitz to Carol Robb, trustee, home on Lakeview Drive, $104,000.

Richard and Rosann Schwartz to Total Generation Services; home on East Park Avenue; $90,000.

East Liverpool

Mark Hissom, et al, home on Vine Street; $62,000.

Mark Hissom, et al, commercial warehouse on Webber Way; $41,700.

Mark Hissom, et al, commercial warehouse on Webber Way; $24,500.

Mark Hissom, et al, home at Ravine and Orange streets; $9,900.

Mark Hissom, et al, property on Vine Street; $700.

Nicole Adkins to Joseph and Mary Kelly, home on Etruria Street; $7,500.

James and Sandy Conkle to Mary Johnson, home on Dakota Street; $52,000.

East Palestine

Violanda LaBate, trustee, to DSG Rentals, office building on East Rebecca Street; $15,000.

Patricia and Jeff Julian to Gary and Terry Gill, property on Concord Drive; $23,000.

East Palestine Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie 1506 to Ricky and Karen Gorby, FOE building on Taggart Street and parking lot Sumner Street; $26,500.

County Sheriff (Robert Stephenson) to U.S. Bank, home on East Main Street; $50,000.

Margaret Bricker to Joseph and Patricia Elder, home on Grandview Avenue; $92,500.

Fairfield Township

Diane Blumling to Donald Zorn, partial interest in home on Lower Elkton Road; $50,000.

Hanover Township

Marjorie Schnorrenberg to Gary Eichler Jr., home and 2.4 acres on state Route 9; $75,000.

Knox Township

Michele Peterson and Michael Clark to Michael Clark, home on North Street; $36,900.

Dennis and Nancy McIlvain to Frank McBride, home on Hartley Road; $179,000.


John and Bonnie Wern to Mitchell McGuire, retail building on South Market Street (Just Breath yoga studio); $50,000.

Liverpool Township

Melissa Board to Carrington Mortgage Services, home on Kountz Avenue; $63,384.

Madison Township

County Sheriff (Michael Norton) to Home Savings Bank, home on Fairway Drive; $20,000.

Middleton Township

Victor Jasenec to Michael Mustake, home on Tomahawk Drive; $153,900.

Perry Township

Red Ridge Works LLC to Jeremy Heck, home at 1655 Harding Avenue; $80,000.


Charles Hughes to Robert and Cynthia Black, home on Walnut Street; gift.


Christopher Mayhew to Douglas Covert and Melissa Willis, home on Orchard Bend Drive; $172,500.

John Strudthoff to Helen Enders, home on West 14th Street; $81,000.


Barbara and William Barton III to Jerry Mostella, home on Jefferson Street; $16,000.

Kelly Detchon and Mark Kinemond to Jerry Mostella, home on Salineville Road; $41,000.

St. Clair Township

Wesley and Marjorie McCune to James and Leanne Headley, home and 3.7 acres on state Route 267; $160,000.

Eileen Bender to Johnny McComas III, home on Park Way; $99,900.

Joann Falone to Clinton and Rachel Rapp, home on Cannons Mill Road; $74,900.

Richard Cable to Bank of New York, home on McCrace Road (foreclosure); $72,000.

Unity Township

Susan Venezia to Harold Feezle, auto dealership property on state Route 170: $220,000.

Roger May to Robert Wilt and Lana Grim, 11 acres on state Route 165; $44,000.

Wayne Township

Dorothy Kohl, trustee, to Merritt and Paula Brown, 40 acres on Seigler Road; $262,000.


Mario Mangini to Michael and Rochelle Jenkins, home on Riverside Avenue; $13,750.

County Sheriff (Christina and Michael Cook) to Wells Fargo Bank, home on Roslyn Avenue; $24,000.

Yellow Creek Township

County Sheriff (Charles and Carla Bowman) to Keybank, home and 2 acres on Hillcrest Road; $28,755.