Columbiana County Property Transfers

Center Township

Kristin Elson and Michael Fay, trustees, to Raymond Meek, home on state Route 517; $92,000.


Bank of New York to Richard Clark, home at 526 N. Main St.; $77,000.

East Liverpool

Kenneth Krafft to Traci Golden, home on Belmar Avenue; $19,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Tammy Pease and Mark Milligan, home at 2805 St. Clair Ave.; $68,500.

Frank and Wilma Tittle to Judith Blazer, home on Princeton Street; $31,000.

Christine Webb to S.H. Bell Co., home on Michigan Avenue; $35,000.

Michael and Melissa Cannon to Zakary Ollis and Melissa Caughey, home on Pennsylvania Avenue; $30,000.

Franklin Township

James Pidgeon to Nexus Gas Transmission, 35 acres on McKaig Road (for compressor pipeline); $126,403.

Knox Township

Citifinancial Servicing to Rick Brunner and Rebekah Hobbs, home and 8 acres at 23259 Hartley Road; $40,000.

Liverpool Township

James Lawton estate to Lori Kline, home on Kingsridge Road; $70,000.

Middleton Township

Melissa Patasce to Danny and Victoria Haldiman, home and 2.4 acres on Pioneer Road; $96,000.

Beverly Coblentz to Corey Coblentz, 47 acres on Dyke Road; $144,000.

Joshua Butler to Robert Mercer Jr., home on Ottawa Trail; $95,000.

Perry Township

Donna Snyder to  Rada and David Cline, condominium on Pembrooke Drive; $60,000.


Betty Lawson Family Trust to Yankee Holdings, home on Pearce Circle; $170,000.

William and Karen Hallewell to William Hallewell, home on Washington Avenue; $58,605.

Heggy’s of Salem to Heggy’s Alliance & Salen Gen 3 LLC, restaurant on East State Street; $80,000.

David and Dawn Nash to David Nash, partial interest in home on Franklin Avenue; $41,700.

St. Clair Township

Edna Campbell and Kevin Walsh to Jeremy and Brittany Green, home on Y & O Road; $79,000.

Margaret Young to Richard Zink II, property on Florence Street; $3,500.

Brandy Giampietro to Frank and Raeleen Leonardo, home and 7 acres on Duke Road; $148,000.

J. Herbert Thompson Trust to Vernon Dell Farms and Vernon Dell Properties, 166 acres on farmland on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $297,491.

Philip and Loretta Irwin to D.D. Knepper Holdings, commercial property (State Farm Insurance) on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $170,000.

Vernon Dell Farms to JP & JV Properties, 113 acres on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $565,409.

Carol Monday Jr. to Michael Blaner, condominium on Eagle Drive; $112,000.

John Hovis to Carol and John Hovis Jr., home on Vale Street (gift); $13,100.

Unity Township

Daniel Ortosky, et al, to Farmers National Bank, home and 2 acres on state Route 558; $120,000.

West Township

Troy Haynam to Deborah and Frank Soltesz, home on  Stump Road; $135,000.

Bill McDole, doing business as SB Property, to Jill Whiteleather, home on Main Street; $15,000.

Yellow Creek Township

Larry Davis to Prestige Properties of East Liverpool, home on Jupiter Drive; $85,000.