Columbiana County Property Transfers

Center Township

Wilmington Savings to Roy and Jennifer Klingaman, home at 10956 Trinity Church Road; $27,500.

Frank Ieropoli to Edward Yashechko, car wash (0.2 acres) on state Route 45; $100,000.

Edward Yashechko to DDM Lisbon LLC, former Taste of County restaurant and 3.2 acres on state Route 45; $225,000.


Thomas and Shirley Ferrand to Melinda and Edward Williams, home on North Main Street; $144,001.

RTW Property Group to CDQE LLC, 11 acres on state Route 14 for proposed Dairy Queen; $200,000.

Cope Properties to John and Brad Rance Properties, 1 acre on Heck Road; $35,000.

Richard and Alexis Hura to Scott Sonntag, home on Court Street; $128,000.

Yankee Holdings to My Theater Co., home at 22 W. Park Ave.; $142,500.

Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church to Jack and Diane Conrad, home on Cyland Court; $143,000.

East Liverpool

G. Elaine and Marvin McCoy to Francis and Barbara McCoy, home on Maine Boulevard; $42,000.

Sarah Wilson to Francis and Barbara McCoy, lot on Maine Boulevard; $300.

Columbiana Metropolitan Housing Authority to Michael Ewing, home at 315 Ninth St.; $14,500.

Dickey-Sylvester Enterprises to SHRI Rena Estate USA, Social Security office at 120 E. Fourth St.; $1.2 million.

SUSQ Home Solutions to Mandy Matttern, home at 342 W. Fourth St.; $38,500.

Brian Connor to Quick N Clean, property at 121 W. Third St.; $50,000.

Judith Morrison to Randall Davis Jr., home on Lisbon Street; $5,000.

East Palestine

Greco Acquisitions to 193 N. James St. Holdings LLC, former Evans Steel property on North James Street; $260,000.

Ryan Owens to Scott and Mary Deeter, home on Park Avenue; $66,000.

U.S. Bank Trust to Ricky and Karen Gorby, home at 243 W. North Ave.; $30,300.

Fairfield Township

Fairfield School Real Estate to Shawn and Shauna Weaver, 14 acres at 3566 Fairfield School Road; $71,835.

Madeleine Vander-Heyden to Willow Springs Properties, 39 acres on state Route 164; $315,588.

Franklin Township

Lisa Jones to Donald and Carolyn Cross, property on Willard Road; $22,000.


Bowman Revocable Trust to Keith and Marceile Kaiser, home at 10238 Plymouth St.; $132,000.

Hanover Township

Raymond Snyder to Bernet Family Farms, 34 acres on Stroup and Randel roads; $210,000.

Knox Township

Cory Wutrick to Ian Wright and Alethea Summers, home and 6 acres on Homeworth Road; $110,000.


Jeffrey Kiliany and Cynthia Rodrick to Thomas and Cynthia Rodrick, home at 231 Elm St.; $18,700.

Jeffrey Kiliany and Cynthia Rodrick to Jeffrey and Judy Kiliany, home at 231 Elm St.; $34,800.


Sue Martin to Alex and Nikki Little, home on North Beaver Street; $51,300.

Liverpool Township

Ralston Inc. to Deanna Danver, 1 acre at 1610 Ruth St.; $6,000.

Marc Moore (sheriff’s sale) to Hancock Savings Bank, home on Dairy Lane; $70,000.

Madison Township

Donald Floding to Donald Williams, home on East Liverpool Road; $138,500.

Robert Watkins (sheriff’s sale) to U.S. Bank Trust, home and 15 acres on Hammond School Road; $26,000.

Middleton Township

Jack Lower Jr. to Faith Lower, home on state Route 170; $125,000.

New Waterford

Garry Garrod to Dallas and Diane Carlisle, 0.8 acres on Patriot Lane; $12,000.

Jeremy and Michelle Anderson (sheriff’s sale) to Village of New Waterford, home on State Street; $21,000.

Perry Township

Don Santee to M & M Homes, 0.3 acres on Southridge Drive; $23,250.

Donald and Joan Palmer to Let Me Think LLC, home on Andrew Avenue; $36,000.


Lowry Family Partnership to Accu Tek Tool & Die, property on Allen Road; $500,000.

Lawrence Frost, deceased, to Mark Frost, home on Oak Street; $83,300.

Ryan and Amber McMurray (sheriff’s sale) to Let Me Think LLC, home on East Eleventh Street; $47,122.

St. Clair Township

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Bright Heights Development, home at 46303 Y & O Road; $18,550.

Naomi Drum to Robert Golba, condominium on Eagle Drive; $149,900.

Margaret Young estate to Vincent and Brenda Reed, home on state Route 267; $148,000.


Michael Filbert to Ian Drouhard, home on Summit Street; $115,000.

Esther Shaw to David and Deborah Blowers, home on Cleveland Street; $70,000.


Jill and William Cataldo Jr. to Geneva Meredith, home on Ninth Street; $6,000.