Property Transfers

Center Township

Tamara and Edward Sabol Jr. to Tommy and Patricia Hall, 126 acres on Lisbon Road; $200.

Tamara and Edward Sabol Jr. to Thomas and and Irene Miller, trustees, et al, 126 acres on Lisbon Road; $6,500.

Sandra Akenhead to Joseph Wilson, home on Eric Drive; $110,000.

J. Martin and Elisabeth Sayre to Joseph and Ruth Ann Keller, 6 acres on Miller Road; $30,000.


Jane Ferguson to Colleen Eisenbraun, home on South Main Street; $78,500.

East Liverpool

Suzanne Hill (foreclosure) to Deutsche National Bank, home on Jennings Avenue; $8,000.

Winston Myers to East Liverpool Fraternal Order of Police, home at 231 Sixth Street; $56,000.

Lawrence and Patricia McCune to Diana Haney, home on Northside Avenue; $38,000.

Roger Freeman to Robert and Pamela Chaffee, home on Riverview Street; $26,500.

Mitchell Cohn, trustee, to Thomas and Brenda Clark, three lots on Highland Avenue; $1,000.

Richard and Marsha Webb to Brian Mathess, home on Henry Avenue; $126,000.

Jacquelyn Plumley to Jessica Hightower, home Lisbon Street; $2,000.

East Palestine

Alber Macioce to Derek Smith, home on Liberty Street; $87,000.

Knox Township

Ryan and Rachelle Betz to Matthew McCain, home on Homeworth Road; $130,500.

Emmanuel Lutheran Church to John Strudthoff, home on Georgetown-Damascus Road; $97,000.


Bryan and Leslie Hicks to Liberty Savings Bank, home on Summit Street; $21,000.


Stephen and Mary Vandevander to Todd and Sally Brammer, home on West Lincoln Way; $113,000.

Robert Cunningham to Robert Boyce, home on East Chestnut Street; $15,000.

Liverpool Township

Rick Watson to Huntington National Bank, home on Harding Avenue; $30,000.

Madison Township

Gloria and Curtis Schmidt to William Berger, home and 4 acres on Torma Road; $120,0000.

Elouia Howard to Jerald and Gloria Williams, home on state Route 518; $20,000.

Middleton Township

Rita Bolli to George and Lauren Tripson, home on Tomahawk Drive; $290,000.

Perry Township

Richard and Vivian Craig to Crystal Javens, home on Indiana Boulevard; $57,000.

U.S. Bank to Daniel Forrider, home on Plymouth Place; $52,000.


Todd Peters to Tyler Brooks and Sierra Cannon, home on Vine Street; $74,500.

James Lang to Custom Comfort Systems, home East Sixth Street; $23,000.

Jim and Marlene Lang to Custom Comfort Systems, home Lincoln Avenue; $35,000.

Jim and Marlene Lang to Custom Comfort Systems, home on Rose Avenue; $21,000.

Jim and Marlene Lang to Custom Comfort Systems, home on Walnut Street; $19,000.

Jim Lang to Custom Comfort Systems, home on North Lincoln Avenue; $19,000.

Jim Lang to Custom Comfort Systems, home on East Third Street; $14,000.

Jim and Marlene Lang to Custom Comfort Systems, home on South Broadway Avenue; $17,000.

M & M Homes Inc. to James and Katharine Vross, home on Bricker Farms Lane; $218,500.

Salem Township

Barbara Carline to Mark and Maria Frenger, home on Leetonia Road; $89,000.

Roger McDaniel to Tara Blackburn, home on Lisbon Road; $65,500


U.S. Bank to Paul Hoyt, home on Washington Street; $7,500.

St. Clair Township

Denny Cornman to Williamson Group Inc., home on Cornell Avenue; $15,000.

Douglas Keyser to Curtis and Gloria Schmidt, home on Canton Avenue; $146,000.

Richard C. and Karen Thayer to Richard T. Thayer, home and 2 acres on state Route 267; $50,000.

Maureen Emmerling to Christopher and Geraldine Adams, home on Old Fredericktown Road; $67,000.

Calcutta Development LLC to Jesse and Bethany Zirillo, 2 acres on Fieldstone Drive; $34,900.

Brett and Megan Bell to Dustin and Jennifer Tedrow, home on Pineview Place; $163,000.



Michael Garber to Joseph Saraniti, home on Clark Avenue; $12,000.