Property Transfers

Butler Township

Luke Courtney to Melanie Einstein, manufactured home and 2.8 acres on Georgetown Road; $83,500.

Mark and Cathy Hoopes to Shawn and Corina Wright, home on Valley Road; $190,000.

Center Township

Ann and Ashley Bendle to Gerald and Lee Sheely, 74 acres on Adams Road; $1,000.


Timothy and Carol Whitehouse to Matthew Bertolette, home on Prospect Street; $80,000.

Larry Snyder to Roberta Rydarowicz, home on West Park Avenue; $10,000.

East Liverpool

Robert Porter to Rockie Smith Jr., home on Harvey Avenue; $5,000.

Economy Furniture to Van Dyke Enterprises, commercial property on Dresden Avenue; $44,000.

Kathryn Gilkinson to Richard and Anne Swoger, 2.9 acres on Pennsylvania Avenue; $1,500.

Daniel Savors to Russell Dray, home on Ohio Avenue; $11,000.

Jerry Tenney to Aaron and Joanna Stevens, home on Eighth Street; $300.

East Palestine

Ray and Janet Trautvetter to Sierra Barber, home on McClure Road; $34,500.

Frank and Tammy Bricker to JP Morgan Chase Bank (foreclosure), home on Taggart Street; $22,000.

Elkrun Township

Bruner Land Co. to Advanced Training Group Worldwide, 46 acres on Fairmont Road; $114,900.

Fairfield Township

Charles Beiling, trustee, to Travis and Laura Bach, 21 acres on Bunker Hill Road/Red Tail Drive; $10,000.

Knox Township

Theodore and Diana Hawk to Tarbrooke LLC, home and 111 acres on Mahoning Avenue; $650,735.

Theodore and Diana Hawk to 3458 Enterprises, 4 acres on Mahoning Avenue; $20,823.

Kathleen David to Blaine and Samantha Crawford, home and 8 acres on Bandy Road; $195,000.

Allen Hardy to Steve and Edna Crist, 16 acres on Rochester Road; $96,126.

Hanover Township

Kenneth and Naomi Sell to Roman and Ellen Wenger, 26 acres on Mardis Road; $23,000.

Denise Perry to Teresa Pickens, home on Wisner Road; $145,000.


TDB NO2 LLC to Robin and Garry Frank, home at 224 Pritchard Ave.; $35,000.

Nancy Dickey to Charlie and Jennah Honeycutt, home on East Chestnut Street; $82,000.

Eugene Conway to Mallory Smith, trustee, condominium on Greentree Place; $40,000.

Stanley and Sandra Grabill to Denver and Brittany Grabill, home on East Chestnut Street; $64,000.

Liverpool Township

Jane Mays to Harold Feezle, home on Ninth Avenue; $25,500.

Noah and Teresa Davis to JP Morgan Chase Bank (foreclosure), home on Sixth Avenue; $2,000.

Lorene Smallridge to Donald Crawford, home on Westfield Road; $21,000.

Madison Township

Tim Madison and Chelsea Stewart to Paul Talbott III, home and 2.5 acres on Hammond School Road; $131,000.

John H. Campbell to Heather and John T. Campbell, home and 2 acres on Y Camp Road; $29,000.

New Waterford

Dean and Holly Price to Sherry Hillier, condominium on New England Square; $65,000.

James and Permelia Crawford to Dean and Holly Price, home on Taylor Street; $119,900.

Perry Township

Vange Firestone to Kathryn Riesen, condominium on Pembrooke Drive; $63,000.


Nancy Eichler, et al, to Lydia Gross, home on North Union Avenue; $122,000.

Erick Theiss, et al, to Jean and Richard Chamberlain, home on Superior Avenue; $133,000.

Joseph and Bridgette Lynn to Union Properties, home  on East 10th Street; $57,000.

Jacob Miller to JP Morgan Chase Bank (foreclosure), home on Washington Avenue; $31,920.

Nancy Balsey to JP Morgan Chase Bank (foreclosure), home on South Madison Avenue; $40,000.

Robert Yuhanick to Christopher Lykens, home on East Fifth Street; $39,000.

Salem Township

Melinda and Thomas Best Jr. to Allyson Kornbau and Chase Stark, home on Grafton Road; $78,000.

St. Clair Township

Joseph Rogers III to Gary Wain, home on Homestead Drive; $9,925.

Gilda Mansfield to Gary and Cynthia Davis, manufactured home on Purinton Avenue; $5,000.

Michael Davie to Dustin Higgins and Ashley Martin, home on Cartwright Avenue; $107,500.

Judith Samples, trustee, to Douglas Bowers, property and garage on Staunton Drive; $12,000.

Paul and Misty Milhoan to Matthew and Ashley Schoolcraft, home on Park Circle; $229,000.

Ola Crislip to Donna and Lawrence Amos, home on Ashland Place; $19,000.

Unity Township

Daniel Davis to Mark Crissman, home and 3 acres on Chain School Road; $272,000.

David and Gloria McDevitt to Dallas Mansell Jr., 4.6 acres of commercial property (former Original Roadhouse) on state Route 14; $125,000.

Washington Township

Thomas and Kimberly Terdina to Deutsche Bank, manufactured home and 2.7 acres on Steubenville Pike; $25,000.

Yellow Creek Township

Justin and Peggy Bouscher to Dennis Holeski, manufactured home and 2.3 acres on Wells Hollow Road; $120,000.