Property Transfers

Butler Township

Kirby and Melody Scullion to Joseph and Emily Carr, home and 12 acres on West Perry Street; $106,000.


Habitat for Humanity to Colleen Ritterspach, home on Beverly Drive; $115,000.

East Liverpool

Kristy Krezeczowski and Ernie Kraft to Jacob and Kayana Lux, home on Montana Avenue; $116,500.

Marjorie and Robert Ludwig, home on Harrison Street; gift.

Marjorie Ludwig to Robert and Saundra Ludwig, home on St. Clair Avenue; gift.

East Palestine

Matthew and Melissa Ream to to U.S. Bank Trust, home on West North Avenue; $35,000.


Elkrun Township

Mark Souders and Lunda Murra to Kristen Kerrish, home and 33 acres on state Route 154; $135,000.

Michelle Moffett to James Moffett Jr., partial interest in home on Lusk Lock Road;  $13,300.


Lucas Ippolito to Huntington National Bank, manufactured home (foreclosure) and property on Sleepy Hollow Road; $50,000.


Shawn Laughlin to  Seven Seventeen Credit Union, home (foreclosure) on Grandview Street; $30,000.

Liverpool Township

Timothy Russell and Linda Young to Kenneth and Michelle Simballa, home (foreclosure) at the corner of Carter Street/Duncan Avenue; $19,000.

Mickey Dillinger Jr. to Justin McGeehan, home on Harding Avenue; $120,000.

Middleton Township

Kevin and Debra Baker to Jason and Kasey Hudson, 10 acres on Riffle Road; $10,170.

Perry Township

Eileen Harvey and Linda Kimble to Linda Kimble, home on West Perry Street; $29,400.

Ora and Daisy Jordan to Gary Kosa, et al, home on Pidgeon Road; $120,000.


JP Morgan Chase Bank to Kevin May, home at 406 N. Madison Ave.; $28,000.

Lydia Gross to Gregory and Lian Davis, home on East Ninth Street; $145,900.

Steve Brown to Paul Wagner, home on South Madison Avenue; $73,000.

Salem Township

Lyn Ickes to Kenneth and Robin Heestand, 26 acres on Cunningham Road; $55,000.

Janet Gabriel to Michael and James Gabriel, home on Bentley Drive; $139,000.

St. Clair Township

James Mathias to Cynthia Humpe, home on Hoppel Drive; $115,000.

Ryan Pugh to Carrie and Robert Mackall Jr., 3 acres on Annesley Road; $25,000.

George and Cynthia Adkins to Citifinancial Servicing, home on Lincoln Street; $35,092.

County Sheriff (Charles Artman) to Harold Feezle, home on Kelly Avenue; $18,500.

Unity Township

Daniel and Margaret Lower to Mindy Tinker, home on Peace Valley Road; $83,334.

Wayne Township

William Robinson, et al, to Clarence and Minnie Robinson Family LLC, 178 acres