St. Clair Vehicles: One stop shop for vehicle repair

CALCUTTA-Summer is a time for road trips, vacations, and all types of warm-weather fun. However, summer can take a toll on your vehicle. When your vehicle starts to show signs of summer wear and tear or if you’re just looking to get a tune up before you hit the road, take it to St. Clair Vehicles in Calcutta.

Located at 16723 St. Clair Ave., behind St. Clair Vehicle’s sales office, St. Clair Vehicle’s new addition – a garage – is equipped to tackle just about any job.

Whether it’s as simple as an oil change or a bigger job like engine and transmission work, St. Clair Vehicle’s team of veteran mechanics have the knowledge to get the job done. A wide array of high tech equipment allows them to do all the same work offered by larger shops. The recent addition of an air conditioning re-charging machine will insure that your car blows cold air throughout the hot summer months.

St. Clair Vehicles prides itself on offering customers rates that compete with any area garage and there is almost always some sort of special offer going on. Right now, oil changes are just $19.95 for most vehicles. Stop in for an oil change and tire rotation for just $29.95.

Owner Fred Ludovici and his brother, Mike Ludovici, who manages the garage, have been in the car business nearly their entire lives. The brothers started out working for local car dealerships before opening St. Clair Vehicles several years ago.

“We’ve been in the business forever,” said Mike Ludovici.

St. Clair Vehicle’s garage is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Set up an appointment by calling 330-385-9602. Check out their websites and, and their Facebook page,