Calcutta Family Care PsyCare opens local facility

CALCUTTA-Earlier this month, the Calcutta Family Care PsyCare facility opened it doors at 15303 state Route 170.

PsyCare’s approach emphasizes the overall health and wellbeing of clients by integrating family practice care with mental health services. The PsyCare staff also prides themselves on making overall healthcare available to those who need it most.

“Recently there’s been an integration at the state level with trying to make sure there’s access to primary care for at-risk populations,” said Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner Sara Pease. “One of the ways to fill that void is to make sure that care is available at places where patients go.”

Opening for business in this area means PsyCare can bring its comprehensive healthcare approach to the entire Tri-State Area, which has a high concentration of people at-risk for chronic disease. Many of the healthcare professionals at PsyCare are locals who know the area and have worked here for years. Pease is an East Liverpool native and has worked here in family practice for eight years

“I was eager to take care of the patient population where I live,” said Pease.

By combining mental health services with family practice care, PsyCare simplifies the healthcare experience of patients, giving them all the care they need in one location.

PsyCare is located on the second floor above the Calcutta Family Care family practice facility on state Route 170. Pease notes the two healthcare entities are technically separate, allowing patients to receive only medical care or only psychiatric care depending on their needs.

“It’s an on-site referal system so we can take care of the whole person,” said Pease. “Our goal is to take care of the entire person from pediatrics through their adolescence, middle -ages years and the geriatric years as well.”

To provide this lifelong, comprehensive care, PsyCare offers a full range of medical services to patients from adult and pediatric-well visits to a vaccine for a children program. An on-site lab service gets patients test results quickly and accurately. They offer a multiphasic program that includes a complete blood count, a comprehensive metabolic panel, and a lipid panel at an affordable set cost of $50. These test could be much more expensive if taken individually according to Pease.

Calcutta Family Care PsyCare accepts most insurances including Ohio Medicaid, Medicare and West Virginia Medicaid.

For patients requiring immediate attention they also offer same-day sick visits to patients. Pease says her goal is to keep patients out of the hospital, but in the event a patient must be admitted, Calcutta Family Care PsyCare maintains good relationship with the City Hospital through its hospital service program.

“They take care of you when you’re in the hospital and we take care of you when you’re out, so there’s very good communication,” said Pease

PsyCare has operated nine locations throughout Columbiana, Mahoning and Trumbull counties since 1985. Calcutta Family Care Center and PsyCare has 21 employees on staff.

Licensed Psychologist Dr. Douglas Darnall is the CEO and one founding member of PsyCare.

Ruthann Hall is the director in Calcutta Family Care’s family practice.

Upstairs in PsyCare, Pease is the director. Registered Nurses Karrisa Hill Terri McCombis assists Pease and brings extensive experience in primary care to the table. Amber Gingher is the medical assistant and Ashley Johnston tends the front desk.

“That we have a whole team with a large amount of experience is a huge asset,” Pease said.

Contact Calcutta Family Care PsyCare by calling 330-368-0540 or stopping by at 15303 state Route 170, Calcutta.