Company Store Antiques expands to second location

NEGLEY-Go to gawk, go to shop, go to learn, whatever you do, just go to Company Store Antiques- you wont regret it.

Located at 7335 Commerce St., Negley, Company Store Antiques is a veritable treasure trove, overflowing with antiques and history. Whether you’re an antique collector, history buff, junk picker or just someone with a casual interest in the items of yesteryear, chances are Company Store Antiques in Negley has something for you.

The chances of finding something to peak your interest has recently increased, as Company Store Antiques has expanded its business with a new building just down the street.

Linda and Dan Oliastro, of nearby Franklin Township, Pa., have owned Company Store Antiques for 25 years. They currently reside in Ellwood City, Pa., however, Linda says she lived in Negley for about 20 years.

A love of antiques has been in her blood her entire life, Linda says.

“I’ve been picking for 40 years, going into people’s barns and things like that,” said Linda, noting the recent popularity of “picking” thanks to several popular TV shows.

Looking at the sheer amount of stuff the two have accumulated in that time, one might find it hard to believe the couple has only owned the store for 25 years.

“We buy and sell,” said Linda “Things come and go,”

The store has a little bit of everything, from old china and antique furniture to vinyl and vintage clothing. Linda says the type of items in the store often depends on the time of year, as well as the current decorating trends. During the summer months, galvanized wash tubs and old cupboard doors were all the rage with the “vintage re-purposing” crowd. Vintage repurposing can best be described as taking something old and putting it to a new use.

“Seventy-five percent of the things we sell are going to vintage repurpose supplies,” said Linda

With the Christmas season right around the corner, Linda plans on catering the latest in tacky holiday apparel with a huge selection of “ugly Christmas sweaters” starting at $10. “Glitzy” vintage dresses will also hit the shelves at this time, starting at $15, he adds.

“At this time of the year we’re transitioning from from fall to Christmas and we have a ton of vintage Christmas items,” said Linda.

Nearly every square inch of Company Store Antiques is put to use displaying something, even the front lawn and porch of the store is jammed packed. To accommodate more inventory and expand the business, the Oliastros recently opened an antique mall in a building just down the street from Company Store Antiques on Commerce Street. Linda describes the new space as a “dealer mall,” where antique dealers can display and sell their goods.

Linda has big plans for the new roomy 2-story structure, which was formerly a church. She plans to turn the upstairs into an event center, which can be rented out for small gatherings and events of about 35-45 people. She says she hopes to eventually host auctions on the top floor too.

While she enjoys rustic aura of the company store, Linda says the new antique mall is a welcome contrast, equipped with central heating and cooling, remodeled restrooms and all the other modern amenities.

“In this store (the company store) everything is old, but in the antique mall everything is new-it works out really well,” she said.

Built in 1867, Company Store Antiques is named as such because, for much of its existence, it was a company store for miners working in Negley’s coal mines. In those days it acted as a general store, providing all the necessities for miners and their families.

Today one can still spot bits of history here and there throughout the store. The original pine floors, original windows and perhaps most impressive, the 19th century signatures of miners scrawled on the wall upstairs are all reminders of the building’s long and rich history.

This time of the year the Company store is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday-Saturday. The Company Store will close right after Thanksgiving and the antique mall will likely close some time after Christmas. Both will reopen in the spring. To learn more about Company Store Antiques, look it up on Facebook or call 330-870-7002.