Sweet treats available at Two Smart Cookies

CALCUTTA-Susan Wain and sister-in-law Sheena Wain, owners and operators of Two Smart Cookies in Calcutta, started off like most confectionery enthusiasts – making sweet treats at home for sheer enjoyment’s sake.

“Both of us have always loved to bake.” said Sheena Wain.

Two years ago when they realized the public craved their sugary goods they began to work out of their homes making just about anything sweet for anybody.

The business began to grow as word got out with the help of Facebook and special orders. The variety of baked goods the duo produced began to expand as well.

Today, Two Smart Cookies offers custom cakes for every occasion, custom cookies, cupcakes, and pies. Sheena and Susan say they are happy to bake just about anything, but do require advance notice for custom orders.

Two Smart Cookies offers desserts ranging from White Turtle cake to Strawberry Margarita cupcakes. For holidays, such as the fast-approaching Valentines Day (men, take note), they offer specialty items including chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate-covered pretzels, and all manner of holiday party favors.

Susan and Sheena’s baking expertise is not limited to just desserts. They offer a full breakfast menu that includes baked oatmeal, quiche, a breakfast sandwich, and sausage gravy and biscuits, just to name a few. They noted that all their breakfast food is baked as well, giving it an added dimension of golden brown, crispy goodness.

Starting later this month, Two Smart Cookies will be partnering with The Sub Shack and will be offering soup and subs during lunch hours.

Two Smart Cookies is currently located inside of Chananigans in the Dunham’s Plaza in Calcutta. Soon, the duo will be taking over the lease and converting the business into Two Smart Cookies fulltime. A grand opening is scheduled Feb. 8-9, and several special offers, including special pricing and a cake raffle will take place.

Two Smart Cookies is open 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Saturday. The phone number is 330-385-0990.