FitRYou tailored to the individual

EAST LIVERPOOL – Looking at Tim Chaffin II, one might be able to guess he knows a thing or two about personal fitness.

At 5-foot-11, 210-pounds Chaffin strikes an imposing figure. However, he is easy to talk to, especially when it comes to his life passion – fitness.

It is his drive to be fit and help others reach their fitness goals that has lead him to open his own personal training business – FitRYou Personal Training.

“I want to make training my life.” said Chaffin when asked about his passion.

Chaffin, 24, is a 2006 graduate of East Liverpool High School who earned a bachelor’s degrees in business administration from Kent State University. He also is nationally certified in personal training through the World Fitness Association.

Chaffin says that although he could use his personal training skills anywhere it was important to him to bring his expertise back to the place he calls home

FitRYou offers a range of training options for every level of fitness and every fitness goal.

“I’ve trained men, women, all ages from 18 year olds to an 84-year-old woman,” said Chaffin.

Chaffin individualizes each training regimen to his client’s needs, whether it be gaining muscle, losing weight or both. Sometimes that means catering to those who don’t like working out in the gym, in which case Chaffin gives his clients the option of training out of their homes. He has experience designing diets and workout regimens tailored to the fitness needs of his clients. He explained his experience in bodybuilding competitions has taught him that diet is a major part of reaching one’s fitness goals.

“It’s important to eat healthy, diet is 80 percent to 90 percent of you physique and your health,” he said.

Chaffin noted individualization is a key aspect to his training approach and that is why FitRYou offers training options as diverse as their clients.

“Everybody has different levels of experience when it comes to fitness,” said Chaffin.

FitRYou even offers an online program in which daily or weekly correspondents between trainer and trainee help guide the client’s fitness regimen as well as diet. Chaffin noted it’s easy to fall out of a fitness program when no one is there to keep you on task and motivated.

Not only does Chaffin have the drive and national certification to make personal training his life, but he also has the pedigree. Chaffin’s father, Tim Chaffin Sr., was a national champion bodybuilder in 2001, and has a long history of personal training in East Liverpool.

The younger Chaffin grew up helping his father train clients at various locations owned by his father, as well as at other gyms around the area.

“My dad has been my mentor. I learned a lot from him growing up.” said Chaffin, whose father also will bring his years of training experience along with several personal training certifications of his own to FitRYou.

To contact FitRYou call 321-FitRYou or 321-348-7968. You can also visit the website or look them up on Facebook at