Lisbon Police Reports

Joshua P. Robb, 30, Rural Lane, East Liverpool, was charged with obstructing police business after reportedly fleeing from police following a traffic stop on Wednesday. Robb was driving through town when police tried to stop him because his pickup truck had no visible registration. He returned to the VFW, parked and then ran into the VFW and out the side door before being caught by police.

William D. Faulkner, 31, of Salem, was cited for having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle following a traffic stop on West High Street for a loud exhaust at 9 p.m. Tuesday. As police approached his vehicle, Faulkner could be heard smacking his lips as if chewing. When asked if he had ingested narcotics, Faulkner told police he had dentures and opened his mouth to show the officer. While Faulkner was being charged, police found a white pill in the vehicle that he said was given him by his mother. The pill is to be sent away for testing.