Wellsville Police Report

Indya Spann, Commerce Street, reported she was hanging around after church with her friend and and another person they went to her house to get phone chargers. When Spann came out of the house, her friend and the other person had left, taking with them Spann’s purse and phone.

Tabitha Dillow, Washington Street, reported her neighbor Gloria Hughes threw trash in her yard. Dillow did not see Hughes do it but told officers she heard Hughes going to her trash, looked out a short time later to find trash in her yard. Hughes denied throwing the trash in Dillow’s yard.

Scott Wisniewsle, address not listed, called to say he had found the trailer that had been stolen from him between six and nine months ago. The trailer was parked on Main Street in front of Nick’s Pizza, where officers spoke with Robert Osborn, Oak Grove Road, Wellsville, who said he bought it from someone in the Bargain Hunter, although he did not have any paperwork. Wisniewsle told officers there was a report on file with the police department, but officers looked through all 2018 reports and could not locate one for the trailer. He also could not provide proof of ownership. Officers contacted the prosecutor, who advised them to seize the trailer until either man can prove ownership. Soon afterward, Wisniewsle returned to the police station with a title for a trailer, which officers confirmed through the county. The investigation is pending.

Called to Nevada Street for a domestic violence incident, officers spoke with Melissa Moore, who said she and her ex-boyfriend Tracy Bell had been in a verbal dispute only and he had left. She had no physical marks on her, and Moore told officers he had not hit her that day, although he did punch a hole in the wall. Officers located Bell walking north on the railroad tracks and he confirmed punching the hole in the wall, saying he left because he did not want to violate his probation by being in a physical altercation with Moore. He told officers he was headed to East Liverpool to stay with his new girlfriend and would not return home to retrieve his belongings unless accompanied by an officer.