Marriage Licenses

Edward S. Alesi Jr., 36, Washingtonville, powdercoater, and Angela K. Burson, 40, Washingtonville, corrections.

Trey B. Hendricks, 32, of Salem, accountant; and Christina P. Geist, 34, of Salem, compliance specialist.

Jacob T. Smith, 28, of East Liverpool, veterans student; and Marisa A. Frank, 24, of East Liverpool, registered nurse.

Daniel R. McLaughlin, 61, of East Palestine, disability; and Linda S. Benavides, 56, of East Palestine, lab processing tech.

Thomas M. Stecker, 47, Leetonia, correctional officer, and Stephanie A. Bruderly, 44, Leetonia, RN.

Daniel William Landers, 23, Youngstown, store manager retail, and Kirstin Olee Arkwright, 22, Laporte, Ind., homemaker.

Jarrod Michael Mattern, 26, East Liverpool, assistant cleaner, and Jessica Lynn Taylor, 24, East Liverpool, secretary.

Mark D. Shaffer, 46, New Waterford, maintenance, and Dawn M. Stock, 39, Winona, homemaker.

Tarion A. Thornton, 27, Salem, manager, and Michelle E. Ellis, 24, Salem, unemployed.

Michael T. Whitfield, 29, Columbiana, graphic artist, and Geril L. Day, 30, Columbiana, administrative assistant.

Curt V. Alaksin, 42, Industry, Pa., safety manager, and Amanda Lynn Kimble, 32, Industry, Pa., nurse.

Nathan Wilkof Green, 27, Hanoverton, manager, and Bailey M. Freshly, 25, Hanoverton, homemaker.

Joshua G. Monk, 41, North Benton, mechanic, and Angela S. Kessel, 40, Beloit, cosmetologist.

Benjamin T. Fowler, 23, Salem, housekeeper, and Kimberly A. Benson, 22, Lisbon, bakery.

Calvin T. Marshall, 45, Columbiana, corrections officer, and Heather Kaye Hensley, 42, Columbiana, banking.

Matthew Wayne Spalding, 24, Columbiana, auto mechanic/detailer, and Brittany Nicole Sinsley, 25, Leetonia, pharmacy tech.

Marriage Licenses

Nicolas Ryan Stockford, 21, East Liverpool, unemployed, and Amber Ti Matthews, 19, East Liverpool, SSI.

Shaun Thomas Temple, 35, Hanoverton, crane operator, and Kathryn Christine Guthrie, 30, Hanoverton, rural car associate.

Chad A. Hawkins, 39, Leetonia, woodshop tech, and Jessica L. Reich, 36, Columbiana, retail manager.

Robert L. Allen II, 40, Salem, warehouse worker, and Lillian M. Popa, 38, Salem, receptionist.

Ryan M. Wolford, 27, Salem, help desk tech, and Jessica Lynn Kutsner, 30, Salem, pharmacy tech.

Michael L. Moon, 32, Columbiana, production supervisor, and Nicole M. Tollas, 28, Columbiana, on call support.

Brent E. Weaver, 26, Columbiana, machinist, and Linda Marie Best, 27, Columbiana, exercise physiologist.

Jered Dwaine Gamble, 29, Chester, W.Va., information tech, and Leann Rochelle Haught, 25, Chester, W.Va., speech/language pathologist.

Anthony W. Boyle, 41, Beloit, police officer, and Tanda R. Reynolds, 40, Beloit, dispatcher.

Robert Dunham, 34, New Springfield, estimator, and Allison M. Warden, 33, Leetonia, office manager.

Jacob D. Kilroy, 27, Salem, teacher, and Megan M. McCallister, 24, Salem, teacher.

Clyde B. Campbell Jr, 66, East Liverpool, retired, and Cynthia Jean Hays, 55, East Liverpool, retired.

Jesse Douglas Rahe, 26, Chester, W.Va., kiln placer, and Adrienne Michelle Barcus, 24, Chester, W.Va., housekeeper.

Marriage Licenses

John David Birtalan, 51, East Palestine, production manager, and Amy Elizabeth Cope, 53, East Palestine, physical therapy assistant.

Roger Philip Dickerson, 63, Salem, planner, and Mary E. Dean, 63, Salem, flight attendant.

Christopher R. Deshields, 41, Salem, none, and Rebecca L. Simmons, 38, Alliance, accounts payable shipping.

Ryan Joseph Goddard, 25, Salineville, laborer, and Virginia Ann Laudrille, 23, Salineville, customer service.

Luis Alberto Barillas, 28, Salem, none, and Ashley M. Weikart, 21, Salem, teller.

Jared J. Andrews, 29, Leetonia, overhead door technician, and Elizabeth R. Colbert, 28, Salem, nurse.

Charles Bott, 41, East Liverpool, laborer, and Stacey L. Rhodes, 37, East Liverpool, warehouseman.

Terry M. Faulkner, 51, Wellsville, police officer, and Melissa Ellen Buchanan, 43, Wellsville, loan manager.

Marriage Licenses

Colin Andrew McNutt, 34, Muncie, Ind., audio mixer and boom operator, and Jessica Nichole Pinatiello, 21, Muncie, Ind., artist.

James E. Evans Jr., 43, East Liverpool, tree trimmer, and Susan E. Ludwig, 48, East Liverpool, medical billing/coding.

Adam Thomas Averill, 32, Leetonia, unemployed, and Rachel L. Romandetti, 38, Leetonia, overnight stocker.

Daniel W. McMillan, 42, East Palestine, driver, and Tonya L. Johnson, 40, East Palestine, self employed.

Robert M. Snedeker, 40, Negley, auto body technician, and Rachel E. Falk, 24, Negley, homemaker.

Michael P. Schneller Jr., 31, Lisbon, unemployed, and Jennifer L. Flowers, 28, Lisbon, unemployed.

Shaun M. Smith, 36, East Palestine, SSD, and Brandan E. Rupert, 31, East Palestine, SSD.

Robert S. Boggs, 39, Salem, welder, and Nicole S. Landsberger, 36, Salem, RCA.

Brandon S. Dietterich, 20, New Waterford, Army, and Amelia G. Figley, 18, East Palestine, student.

Marriage Licenses

Gary Michael Taylor, 29, Winona, driver, and Alexandra M. Taylor, 27, Winona, nail tech.

Dillon Anderson Light, 22, New Waterford, laborer, and Lauren S. Fritz, 20, Boardman, STNA.

Joseph Russell Bell, 31, Leetonia, oil field, and Robyn M. Hawthorne, 26, Leetonia, fruit grower.